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Sunday, November 14, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] dr Bate's Newsletter 11-11-10 - Collooidal Silver


Hi all,

If you just joined this newsletter, welcome. Feel free to copy anything
here and send it to friends and family. Naturally, I like to sell my
Neuroliminal Training, but my ego gets a boost if I help people.

The editorial this week is on Colloidal Silver. Few people are even aware
of this very good antibiotic, and most MD's haven't the faintest idea of
what it can do. CS and large quantities of vitamin C are the only
antibiotics that can really kill "staph" and MRSA, yet, few MD's or
hospitals are even aware of these facts. (Abram Hoffer called this
"educationally handicapped".)

Nor, does it upset the balance of yeast and bacteria in the gut that is so
necessary to good health. It is an excellent deodorant, although you are
better off without any if your gut works right. (A wipe underarm with CS
works better than expensive deodorants, and isn't allergic as are

It kills bacteria and yeast almost equally, so your gut can usually recover
IF,(and only IF) it is in good shape to begin with (which is not the usual
case in our present society).

If the silver molecules are small enough, many of the larger virus cells are
also killed with CS. With CS and vitamin C, I'll never take another
dangerous vaccine.

Antibiotics as used by MD's are made from fungus/yeast While they do kill
bacteria, they do not kill yeast or fungus, so yeast multiplies as bacteria
is killed off. The result is Candida, or yeast overgrowth, and I believe
that about 80-90% of all persons have this to some extent. I don't.

Want to know more?

*http://drbate.com/Ref/antibiotics.html * This web page has more info on
antibiotics in general. It also have more info on Colloidal Silver. If you
spend about $30 you can make your own by the pint or more for pennies. I
never take antibiotics anymore. I take vitamin C (an excellent antibiotic
in the blood), and use it with CS if I get any infection. Also, much more
info about Colloidal Silver in general.

*http://drbate.com/Ref/gut.html * This web page has much more info on
getting and keeping the gut in balance. When this is done, all your body
excretions from breath to underarm odor to stools will not smell even close
to what it probably does now.

I have a dental plate, and even if I don't clean it for a day, there is no
bad breath odor. I can go (in Florida) for several days without a bath or
swimming and not be offensive generally. That's how well a "balanced" gut
works. I'll bet yours doesn't.


From Natural News:

Novartis announced today that it would begin microchipping pills, enabling
sensors to track the "compliance" of pill-popping patients.
But this technology is raising huge red flags here at NaturalNews. In
today's story, I explain why this may be dangerous medicine that could
violate your privacy:
On the good news side, research proves that eating apples can prevent heart
disease! (No, don't bite your iPad... we mean food apples)
Did you know that fish oil helps prevent brain damage after a stroke?
Laptop computers are causing a problem with men: They're cooking their
"junk" and causing infertility problems.
This topic is just begging for a humorous (but factually correct) article,
so if you'd like a little humor today, check out my take on this manly
computing problem:
Today, David Gutierrez reports on a study published in the British Medical
Journal that sheds light on the true dangers of taking statin drugs:


From Dr Mercola
Dr Dercola has an addition - Dr. Karen Becker - a vet. She has an
interesting article on why cats throw up. Unfottunately, Mercola and Beckers
websites couldn't be found this AM, so I can't give you the URL's.


Alliance for Natural Health has an excellent article on Genetically Aaltered
Also from ANH-USA: Traditional Medicines to Become Illegal in Europe


The Lose Weight/SMR Plus CD is selling well, and reports are still
excellent. Not one has been returned under my guarantee. Average loss is 5
pounds per month, a safe weight loss, with no diets or exercise regimen to
"come off", and gain it all back. This really does work.


Phil Bate PhD -Inventor of Neuroliminal Training
Solves ADD-Autism, depression, insomnia, by solving allergies

http://drbate.com - drbate@bellsouth.net

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