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Friday, November 19, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Warfarin et al


The Shupe brothers did the basic research on vitamin E for hearts
years ago, yet MD's don't know it. I have had atrial fib for 26
years, and every cardiologist I see (at the VA) insists that I MUST
take Coumadin.

One a few years back was my age or so, and when I told him I was
taking 800 IU of E, scoffed and said "stuff is worthless". I looked
at him for a minute or two, and simply got up, and said to him, Doctor
you are an idiot for not looking further than Big Pharma", and I
walked out.

I am still taking 800 IU of vitamin E, and not even baby aspirin. I
am 83, and plan on living to hear Willard Scott announce my 1--th
birthday on Today.

Vitamin E does thin the blood somewhat, but if you get your gut
working correctly, any cut will bleed, but stop and quickly clot. A
good "gut" balance supplies both the blood hormones that start
bleeding, and stop it by clotting soon after.

There is much more info on my website on these subjects and my
articles. All free

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