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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Warfarin et al


Interesting, and good for the man to tell his dr what he thought of hum :)

At 08:19 AM 19/11/2010, you wrote:
>The Shupe brothers did the basic research on vitamin E for hearts
>years ago, yet MD's don't know it. I have had atrial fib for 26
>years, and every cardiologist I see (at the VA) insists that I MUST
>take Coumadin.
>One a few years back was my age or so, and when I told him I was
>taking 800 IU of E, scoffed and said "stuff is worthless". I looked
>at him for a minute or two, and simply got up, and said to him, Doctor
>you are an idiot for not looking further than Big Pharma", and I
>walked out.
>I am still taking 800 IU of vitamin E, and not even baby aspirin. I
>am 83, and plan on living to hear Willard Scott announce my 1--th
>birthday on Today.
>Vitamin E does thin the blood somewhat, but if you get your gut
>working correctly, any cut will bleed, but stop and quickly clot. A
>good "gut" balance supplies both the blood hormones that start
>bleeding, and stop it by clotting soon after.
>There is much more info on my website on these subjects and my
>articles. All free

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