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Sunday, November 21, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: new here questions about herbs for perimenopause


Hi Cindy,

I found I had none of the traditional side effects with menopause by assuring a proper diet. These are the tips I would pass along.

Protein sources now a days are often hormone injected. And even if they are a pure source, a woman who is having needs for her cycle/transition, and her cells need more fuel.

Protein sources like Yoghurt, Edamani, and Raw Dairy milk if you enjoy milk, and small handful of your favorite nuts and a small portion of healthy refried beans with your meals are some sources to assure your body is getting fuel.

It is my humble personal opinion that the trickle down effects of imbalanced hormones (everyone is different on which hormone gets heavy weighted) but even so the trickle down effect can effect the liver from over processing the excess.

For myself, I found daily and each meal intake of a Dairy source of Raw and Organic protein worked magic for me. Legumes and fresh leafy green vegatables and fresh fruit, DAILY,,as important.

Canned food seems to leach out and not provide the source. In a pinch, (salmon) it seems to carry til the next fresh source but a regular fresh source, while addressing what works for you is important.
Keeping a record of any changes, while experimenting, certainly helps staying fully aware of the nuances, so lifestyle becomes natural and not the prescription diet.

This in my personal opinion of what aids the body to do it's job. Even so, the imbalance of hormones is natures way. After approximately five years, of entering the "cronyism" era, I found a need for a product called Dims Plus. I found instant relief from the symptoms and as I always do when I find a product that works on me or my animals I call the manufacture and ask as many questions as they will tolerate..The Plus part is still the mystery, but is somehow related to hormones,

It worked for my spotting and slight tightening in my abdomen.

Even GNC used to carry the product, but now you can only find it on line.
It is basically comprised of huge quantities per capsule of the "broccoli and cauliflowers".

I keep it on the shelf and now reach for it, about twice a year, but when the symptoms came, I used it daily for thirty days and gave it a rest and then another thirty days with the amount prescribed by the bottle.

Other important well known factors that create hardship on the organs trying to do their job of course should be minimized. Alcohol of course. Now a small glass of wine or an alcohol beverage of choice can have medicinal value. Just so long the person deciding it is medicinal purpose is being honest in the dosage and diagnosis and not using it for an escape, but a relaxant. And ofcourse a relaxant to sleep for alcohol will most likely wake you up in the middle of the night if liver is detoxing, so, again, use good judgement and less is usually best.

So the given here is to be honest for the use of alcohol not for social or emotional but relaxing the muscle only if/as needed.

Sugar of course comes in so many forms, and the more processed the more challenging. I am not even a fan of Stevia, but will agree for chronic challenged it may serve a purpose but feel it influences the taste buds to not enjoy a fresh fruit, as artificial sweeteners also hamper the bodies natural cravings of fresh fruit..i.e. Soda's, Diet Soda's..etc..

Lastly, I found the taking of your blood type and doing a little research of what works has been helpful of the eating after menopause guidelines for the body to best absorb.

i.e. Type O flourishes off of red meat, and the A's and B's, flourishes off of vegatable sources of iron and protein.
When using nutrition to counter balance body needs and lifestyle, remember it is important to enjoy as well..

Good Luck and Yoga is a worldwide phenomenam now for a reason. Seek a goood instructor..


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