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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Join Panache Desai w/the “Awaken Your Soul..." in Scottsdale, AZ, 3 - 5 Dec 2010


Join Panache Desai

With the "Awaken Your Soul Signature, Humanitarians of Light"
Are you ready to live fearlessly; to challenge conventional thinking;
and to blaze a trail of unique magnificence?


Friday, 3 Dec 2010 – 5 Dec 2010
(3-day attendance is mandatory)

Scottsdale Resort Conference Center
7700 East McCormick Parkway
Scottsdale, AZ 85258


Click Here Now!

Awaken Your Unique Soul Signature and Take Your Place as a Humanitarian
of Light. Each Session is different. Each Gathering is unique. Every
Interaction is a harmonic calling catapulting you forward.

- Ignite Expansion
- Express Love
- Radiate Peace
- Embody Transformation

Pre-Registration Required:
Fee: $299
Registration includes a weekend of inspired programming, activation and
activities as well as a buffet lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Travel and
accommodations are not included in fee.

Hotel Accommodations:
We have negotiated a room block at Scottsdale Resort Conference Center:
Call (800) 540-0727 or Click Here for more info go to:
> or call (239) 649-7373.

Spiritual Master Panache Desai has helped thousands across the globe
transform their lives. His work crosses all cultural, ideological,
generational, and economic boundaries.

"Because of the energetic nature of the work shared through me, you are
being shifted at the deepest level of your being," explains Panache.
"This is the most dynamic and transformational work ever experienced.
Regardless of whether you've attended previous Gatherings or not, your
vibration is always elevated to its highest potential which translates
into a brand new experience of yourself and your life every time you

- Panache Desai



You are a Humanitarian of Light


This past year Panache has been guided to empower those who are called
as Humanitarians of Light. You have an important role to play in the
Ascension of our planet and at the deepest level of your being you
recognize this calling. It is for this singular reason that your life is
being shaken up; that you are being nudged to the edge; that you are
lovingly being pushed to move to higher and higher levels of expression.

We are in a time of vast changes and our planet is going through
tremendous shifts. WE are moving into a new way of being and you are
being positioned to take your place as a way shower. As vehicles for the
Divine, the time has come to evolve to a space of unconditional
self-love and acceptance; compassion; stillness and presence; and light
and faith. You are here to shine brightly for all who are still confused
and searching.

Regardless of the scope of your reach or influence, you have the ability
to bring profound shifts to countless numbers of people within your
life. Awaken Your Unique Soul Signature and carry this knowing into your
daily life.

Visit Panache Desai's Website for more info go to:
www.PanacheDesai.com <http://www.PanacheDesai.com>

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