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Monday, November 15, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Seeking your input please


Hi Everyone-

I hope you're all well. I wanted to ask for the input of any and all in the group. I am considering adding "Organic Living Consultation" to my business Organic Janet (as in consulting with people who want to change to a chemical-free lifestyle and/or provide them with general natural health info/referrals). I would offer this locally and on-line.

The question: is there really a market for this? The Internet (as far as, Are people searching for this or similar terms?) says no. There are some people doing it or something similar on-line but the sites most similar are very low ranked or not ranked at all, do not appear to be making $, and many seem to have folded. As well, it is harder and harder to be found on-line these days amidst all of the clutter and over-saturated categories on the Internet (of which natural living is one).

Sure I've had people approach me with a natural or chemical-free living question or two but it seems that
a) most people don't really get this (their eyes literally glaze over when I tell them what I write about) and,
b) those that do get it are perfectly capable of doing the research on their own, joining a group on-line to get answers, etc. Or again just have 1 or 2 simple questions.

Thinking about yourself, your circle of friends, family, acquaintances- both alternative and conventionally minded, as well as the state of the Internet today, what are your thoughts?

Thanks so much for your feedback.
Be well,

Janet E. Schultz, M.S.W.
Organic Janet- Fresh & fun ideas for whole living
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