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Friday, November 19, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Pyroluria


An internal Chronic Anxiety condition is the # 1 major cause of frequent insomnia. External stress adds to the problem.

ChroAnx has several causes, but the most common, most undiagnosed, &
easiest to treat cause is Pyroluria. Suggest you research the symptoms,
one is lines & grooves on the fingernails.

Pyroluria is a "Medically unrecognized" but very real condition which is
ignored & suppressed to maintain Pharmaceutical & medical

Alternative medicine accepts Pyroluria but universally believes it to be Genetic. It is not.

It is a multi-resistant infection.

Take B6, Zinc, & melatonin & feel somewhat better.

Treat the infection & feel very much better.

Mike Kohloff

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