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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Interesting Home Remedies


Home Remedies

Cure for Acidity. (Courtesy Col Suresh Kandoth,MD)
Acidity, it is said, is worse than Cancer. It is one of the most
common disease people encounter in their daily life. The home
remedy for Acidity is "Raw Grains of Rice." They reduce acid
levels in the body and make you feel better by the day.
1. Swallow 8-10 grains of raw uncooked rice with water before
having your breakfast or eating anything in the morning. 2. Do
this for 21 days to see effective results & continue for 3
months to eliminate acidity from the body.

Cure for Cholesterol. Cholesterol problem accompanies with
Hypertension and Heart Problems. This is also one of the common
problems in people who have High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. The
home remedy for Cholesterol problem is "Raw Supari".When you chew
the supari, the saliva takes in the juice that is generated and
this acts like a Blood Thinner. Once your blood becomes free
flowing, it brings down the pressure in the blood flow, thereby
reducing Blood Pressure too.
1. Take raw Supari (Betel Nut that is not flavoured) and slice
them or make their small pieces.
2. Chew it for about 20 - 40 minutes after every meal.
3. Then spit it out. Don't swallow the Supari.

Cure for Blood Pressure. One of the simple home remedy to reduce
blood pressure is "Methi" seeds or Fenugreek seeds.
1. Take 8-10 raw "methi" seeds (Fenugreek seeds).
2. Swallow these with water before taking your breakfast, every

Cure for Diabetes. There are 2 home remedies for Diabetes. One is
Lady Finger and the other is Black Tea.
1.BLACK TEA. Due to high medication, the organ that is worst
affected is the Kidney. Black tea will help in enhancing the
function of the kidney, thereby not affecting it more. Hence a
cup of black tea (tea without milk, sugar or lemon) every morning
is highly advisable.
Method 1. Boil water along with the tea leaves (any tea leaves
will do).
2. Drink the concoction without adding milk, sugar or lemon.
2. Lady Finger (Okra). Lady finger is considered to be a good
home medicine for diabetes. After the lady fingers are soaked
overnight in the water, you can observe that the water becomes
sticky in the morning. This sticky water is considered to be good
for people who suffer from Diabetes.
1. Cut 4-5 lady fingers into two halves vertically and soak them
in a cup of water overnight.
2. The next morning, remove the lady fingers and drink the water,
before eating your breakfast.

Cure for Asthma, Tooth Pain, Acidity, Ulcers, Cracked Feet, Joint
Pains, Stomach Problems, Problems related to Lungs, Liver &
Nerves with "Oil Pulling"

Dr. Med. Karch, a Russian, introduced a simple process for the
human body by using oil. This was further popularized by Lt. Col
T. Koteswara Rao (Retd.). Initially it causes doubts, but after
trying it out the results are astonishing.
1. Take one spoon of refined oil in the mouth on an empty
stomach early in the morning, before eating or drinking anything.
2. Without much effort or speed, slowly suck and pull the oil
through the teeth. Gargle the oil within closed mouth for 15 - 20
3. During this process, the oil becomes liquid and white like
milk. Spit the liquid out and wash your mouth thoroughly,
preferably with warm water.
4. Don't swallow the oil as it contains toxins and harmful
bacteria drawn from the body through the saliva. Continue this
process everyday for better results.

The Cure. The process of Oil Pulling can give relief & cure
Headaches, Asthma, Bad Breath, Nose Block, Tooth Pain, Acidity,
Ulcers, Cracked Feet, Joint Pains, Stomach Problems, Problems
related to Lungs, Liver & Nerves.
Who Can Practice this? Oil Pulling can be practiced by all from
the age of 5 years onwards for any type of health problems.
People who are in a habit of taking a lot of medicines should try
this, as it will release a lot of toxins from the body.

Which Oil to be Used? Any cooking oil can be used, but the most
preferred is the Sesame Oil.

<http://www.getnidok idos.com>
<http://www.getnidok idos.com>
Use these totkas with conviction. Thank me if it gives you
solace/good health, and you feel better.

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