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Monday, October 25, 2010

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] What do you think of soy products?


Is it organic? Probably not since most soy in the US is genetically modified which I wouldn'tfeed to rats..mainly because they wouldn't eat it...they have more sense.High in phytoestrogens which may prove a problem if you are prone to estrogen dominanceand the symptoms associated with that condition.David

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From: europanz <upulagi@yahoo.com>
Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] What do you think of soy products?
To: AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com
Date: Monday, 25 October, 2010, 10:38


Iv`e read a lot of conflicting opinions about soy products. I have soft tofu on most days. I have it mainly because of it`s protein content and I`m not allergic to it. I like it. Does anyone else have it regularly?What is the general informed consensus on soy products?

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