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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] The Big Coincidence That May Doom Big Pharma (10-26-2010)


Dear Reader:

In regard to what I am trying to do in regard to awakening the world that depression and mental illness are curable in a five step fashion using natural or non-drug means, there is a rather large coincidence.

This particular coincidence may spell doom for Big Pharma.

Please let me explain all of this.

The coincidence I am speaking of concerns the fact that "The Five Point Cardinal Rule to Chemically Correct Mental Illness" is identical in its five points to the next blog that I am going to write.

This next blog, one which should be completed in only another day or so, is titled "The Five Fundamental Rules to Gain, Retain, or Regain Human Health". The list of five points in this blog to the one concerning the chemical correction of mental illness is identical.

It so turns out that the human body and the human brain are connected. In learning (from others, to include my son Willy) and in discovering what I did to cure mental illness, I apparently accidentally discovered how to cure, or greatly help from a health standpoint, a lot of other things as well.

The Five Fundamental Rules to Gain, Retain, or Regain Human Health are applicable to the health, well-being, and longevity of every person on this planet. (This is why there have been two apparent attempts on my life in 2010.)

Incidentally, the Five Fundamental Rules are fundamental rules that should ALWAYS be addressed if anti-aging is your goal. Human growth hormone (or other measures) might be good as an adjunct(s), but one must never forget the five fundamental rules if you wish to live as long and healthy a life as possible. (Aging and a declining essential nutrient status are synonymous, unless one actively intervenes. And the latter begets the former in a rather big way.)

The similarity between The Five Point Cardinal Rule to Chemically Correct Mental Illness and The Five Fundamental Rules to Gain, Retain, or Regain Human Health is a coincidence that may spell doom for Big Pharma.

This coincidence means that we are all in the same boat, both the mentally ill and the fiscally well-endowed alike.

What is this boat?

The fiscally well-endowed, who can both easily afford and would greatly benefit from what I am saying in regard to Willy's Baggies, the Fundamental Rules, etc. may soon lose the option of choice in regard to these nutritional and natural healing measures. These nutritional and natural healing measures benefits should and could greatly benefit almost EVERYONE'S health and longevity. (These nutritional and natural healing measures hold the promise of often adding decades of health to both body and brain life.)

The fiscally well-endowed WILL LOSE the above-mentioned health options if Big Pharma, Big Medicine (the doctors), and Big Healthcare have their way in Congress within the next year or two.

As a result of the Supreme Court ruling this past winter allowing corporations to flood the federal election process with money (proof of this happening already exists in regard to the upcoming November election) it should be apparent to the general public that we are undergoing a rather obvious corporate takeover of our government.

Big Pharma's strong corporate agenda is to take all, or at least some key (critical), healing supplements out of the general public's hands. (Their very future as an industry is at stake.)

Don't believe me on this? Well, Big Pharma, via their heavy handed influence within the FDA, already tried to deny the general public access to almost every single supplement in existence in 2007. (This is a matter of public record.) The following link is one example of the proof of this:

Health freedom action alert: FDA attempting to regulate supplements, herbs and juices as "drugs" [ by Mike Adams, April 11, 2007]


The above link involves only one of a number of instances of anti-supplement legal motion on the federal level within the past five years. Anti-supplement regulation is being put before Congress more frequently with every passing year it seems.


God help us all if nutritional supplements and other natural measures are not proven to be powerfully therapeutic and soon. If they are not proven to be so, these powerful nutritional and natural healing modalities are going to be taken away from us by force of law. They are going to be taken away from us as soon as enough corporate money floods the elective process such that Big Pharma (and other related industries with a similar self-interest to Big Pharma) can buy the passage of restrictive supplement (and other natural healing measure) laws.

Once these nutritional and natural measures are taken away from the general public it is going to be hard to get them back again.

I pray that I soon find the collaborative means needed to show that antidepressants do not stand a chance versus the healing power of a Willy's Baggie approach coupled with a little common sense.

Lastly, in my opinion anyone over forty years old that has a net worth of over a million dollars is a fool to not be using a Willy's Baggie like supplement approach and implementing the Five Fundamental Health Rules on his or her self. Or perhaps such people are not fools, as I have stated. Perhaps such people are simply unaware of these important alternative medical discoveries and their broad health, longevity, and maximum-performance implications. (Hopefully this blog will make many of such persons aware. It may be only the influential and the wealthy that have the power to stop Big Pharma in time.)

Allen Darman


Important Note: This material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may freely send this material to anyone they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish. Everyone has my signed "complete and irrevocable permission" in which to do so. Signed… Allen Darman and Dated… October 26, 2010.

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