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Saturday, October 23, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] advide for my thyroid & progeny


I am a married 28 years old woman. I give hereunder details of my various thyroid reports, with a request for some firm advice from experts for any alternative healing process.

My 1st thyroid profile test was done on 15-Mar-2009, the results of which were

T3 : 1.39 nmol/L
T4 : 6.45 ug/dl
TSH : 32.42 ulU/ml

The doctor prescribed me 4 tablets Thyroxine (200 mcg) per day daily morning.

The next test was done on 03-Apr-2009 and result was
TSH : 1.30

But I was continuously taking 4 tablets (200 mcg) per day. Until I suffered many abnormalities in my health and doctor recommended me for another test.

The test was done on 23-Nov-2009 the result was
TSH : 0.009

The doctor reduced my intake to 1 tablet (50 mcg) per day.

In late December 2009 & January 2010, my period was not stopping since one month in spite of taking several type of medicines. Finally TSH test was done on 26-Jan-2010 & the result was
TSH : >100

The doctor increased medicine to 3 tablets Thyroxine (150 mcg) per day. Everything went to normal.

On 28-Feb-2010 another complete Thyroid profile test was done. The result were
T3 : 1.74 nmol/L
T4 : 10.78 ug/dl
TSH : 1.79 ulU/ml

Now doctor advised me to take 2 tablets (100 mcg) thyroxine per day.

On 07-Apr-2010 another test was done. The result was
TSH : 6.14 ulU/ml
Then Doctor advised 2.5 tablets (125 mcg) per day.

On 15-Jul-2010 another test was done. The result was
TSH : 18.16 ulU/ml
Now dose again increasdd to 3 tablets (150 mcg) per day.

On 22-Sept-2010 another test was done. The result was
TSH : 5.63 ulU/ml

Now still taking 3 tablets (150 mcg) thyroxine after breakfast daily. During all these period never skip the medicine but sometimes taken in the afternoon. During these 2 years, the medicine dose was prescribed by the endocrinologist. I was also trying for a child and taking various medicines like `aeromek' etc under gynecologist supervision. I was also given medicine to cure PCOS. My weight is 80 KG (overweight) & my periods are irregular.

I need alternative medicines advice from experts for my thyroid & for progeny.

Thanks & regards

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