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Friday, October 29, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Unique Global Interactive Discussion Webcast LIVE from Glastonbury Halloween Sun


We are inviting you to join us Halloween Sunday from 1:00pm GMT to
participate through social media streams in an Experimental LIVE
Web cast INTERACTIVE Discussion about the the issues that concern YOU -
On the web @ http://www.aroundthetable.tv and LIVE from Glastonbury UK
@The Tor Leisure Centre, Street Road,Glastonbury, United Kingdom.

In this email you will see relevant information about this exciting
global event.

^^ Links to website, Facebook, Twitter, promo video and, video
recordings of our past events
^^ The press release.
^^ The overall vision driving this event.
^^ The format for the event
"" Details of the event.

Please take a little time to scroll down and explore the information, thank you.
Join us from 1:00pm GMT Halloween Sunday ON THE WEB @
http://www.aroundthetable.tv or IN PERSON in GLASTONBURY.
Discussion 1pm - 8pm GMT followed by an open mike music and
spoken word till Midnight GMT

"Pregnant with possibility" is how Brian Viziondanz has
described "Around The Table TV" - "Changing our world by changing our
conversation, unlocking the power of social media to catalyze cultural
change" -- This is YOUR opportunity to engage with the conversation
that is shaping our culture.

"There is nothing wrong with our world, we're just having a weird
conversation" - By reclaiming the conversation we change our world.

"Around The Table" TV is a fully interactive participatory event","an
experimental discussion forum" "a blending of theatre and
discussion", where there is no audience and YOU are the "expert"

Links to website, Facebook, Twitter, promo video and, video recordings
of our past events
Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=115026411892609
for those outside of Facebook the event page is here, the discussion
will be televised on this site:
http://www.aroundthetable.tv - you will be able to interact through
Facebook and the Ustream on this page
and our Twitter is : http://www.twitter.com/aroundtabletv - follow us
and interact with the discussion using @Aroundtabletv

Promo video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWbfk-pDpuw

See video of previous events in our previous incarnation "The Kitchen
Table TV" here:
Last phase of the last event Live web cast from Glastonbury UK Easter Sunday 2010

Press Release
For time eternal conversation has been the footnote of modern man.
It's really where it all began, without it we can't survive, we
couldn't live. Without that most basic of needs we would quickly go
insane. Human nature dictates the need to converse, we are a social
animal. Now that most ancient of human traits is being expanded beyond
all recognition. Today we are pleased to be able to take our
conversational experience to another level. Taking something that we
all do, in our own homes to another level completely. Now we ask you
to join in our global chat from around our table.

Around The Table.TV is a global test bed of future communications.
Neither distance, gender nor persuasion is a barrier. You are
cordially invited to join us in what we hope will be the biggest
social experiment since the invention of the Internet. Global chat
around our virtual table. Each of your ideas, thoughts & perspectives
is a "drop" that makes our "ocean of conversation". No rules except common courtesy, no barriers except your own imagination. All are welcome to
join in this ground breaking seminar of global interactive discussion.
We aim to make it as easy to participate as a conversation should be.
No registration, no conformation, no delay. You can tweet, Facebook,
text or call, anyone with an Internet connection can attend. You can
even come along in person. All are welcome in our global living room.
Around The Table.TV is just what it pronounces to be. A fully televised
discussion from around a beautiful table. Broadcast live across the
Internet, no cuts, no retakes, just as conversation should be. Bring
your opinions, bring a sleeping bag & stay over. We are bringing chat
from http://www.aroundthetable.tv to your home, to your office, wherever you may
be, whatever you may be doing, all are welcome.

The Format
The Table will be situated in the centre of the floor surrounded by
"the audience", there will be chairs at the table which will be
occupied by whoever wants to be there.

There will be a pot in which we can put our suggestions subjects for
discussion at the table. Every 30 minutes, one new subject will be
randomly selected.

Each person at the table can discuss the subject for 60 seconds then
allow someone else to take it up if anyone wants to. At the end of 30
minutes a 5 minute summing up of the discussion will take place, then
a new subject will be selected.

If our table is full and someone wishes to participate, we will request a volunteer to surrender their seat if no one wishes to do so we will draw straws.

We would like to create the feeling of your home and invite you to
bring snacks, food, etc to share - there will be soup, a bottomless coffee pot and teapot.

This is the third of a series of experimental events in this genre and
it will be videoed and broadcast live over the Internet. The video will
also be edited down and distilled into capsules to be shown on the
Internet at a later date.

Those who are watching on the web will be able to interact with the
discussions through social media streams on the website
and Twitter which will be projected on a large screen
in the venue, these contributions will be fed into the ongoing
discussions and back out through the web cast, maximising the potential synergy of the event.
http://www.twitter.com/aroundtabletv - follow us
and interact with the discussion using @Aroundtabletv

We are also encouraging people to host and video similar events in
their home town and upload them to Youtube which we will embed on the
http://www.aroundthetable.tv/ website

Event info
When: - October 31st - Halloween Sunday 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Where: @ The Tor Leisure Centre, Street Road, Glastonbury, Somerset. BA6 9EF. UK


Followed in the evening by an open mike poetry, music or whatever social event we create.

Indoor overnight accommodation is available in the Tor Leisure Centre
for £5 per person per night Saturday and Sunday. Bring sleeping bag -
advance notice of intention is requested. ALSO there is space to pitch
a tent or park a live in vehicle.
For those unable to attend the event in Glastonbury, the
discussions will be web cast through the website

Email viziondanz@infinitepossibility.org

We hope to see you in Glastonbury or on the web Halloween Sunday

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