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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] I Have To Move Out Of My Bunker (10-19-2010)


Dear Reader:

To the best of my knowledge, I am going to have to be moving to another apartment in early November. I am not "certain" of the date yet… but it is "fairly soon" for sure.

I knew this move was coming, but it had kept getting delayed over the past few months. I had hoped it was going to get delayed some more.

When I found a few weeks ago that "I very probably had to move in early November", I had to make a choice. This choice was "do I fire many blogs of truth before I move, or do I wait until after?"

I decided to fire at Big Pharma "before I moved, rather than after". (I hope I made the right choice here.) So on October 12th I began to fire… and the first shot was the Cambridge Who's Who blog.

This move is mandated due to the fact that my apartment complex is undergoing extensive renovations. My unit has reached it `s point in "their schedule". Every unit in the entire complex is being renovated.

I would move to another unit until mine was fixed up, and then "move back". This is "quite a hassle", especially in light of my unusual circumstances.

I may also be getting "kicked out".

Or I may decide to leave Utica of my own accord on November 3rd or so.

I don't know what "is best" for me yet of the above choices.

I do not know what is going to happen, with the exception of I "must move out of the bunker" I have been in.

This is not good. All kinds of security risks arise.

I've got to think about all of this.

When I know what I am going to be doing, I will "blog this" (assuming that I can without placing my life at great risk).

I am going to do a simple will on paper VERY soon. I am in deep sh…t for sure.

My odds from here on out are probably about 50/50 making it from "one month to the next". I can sense this.

The drug industry sorely wants me to be dead.

The Darman Mfg. Company blog, the Cambridge Who's Who blog, the Financial Trigger blog, and the other blogs I posted this past week HAS accelerated my "hanging date" from drug industry skulduggery for sure.

I pray to God that I make it through this upcoming transition safely, and without too much hassle or delay.

Is there any person or party in the world that has "a bunker for rent" temporaily? I would sure appreciate it if "You would let me know", if you were aware of such. I am willing to "teach you how to cure yourself" for free when I am there. Indeed, I would LOVE to help with YOU! with such.

I would love to collaborate with others "trying to change the mental health system", rather than "fight this fight alone".


All I want to do at this point is "blog in safety" (and "film in safety" too).

If I lose "my safety", I lose "my ability to blog".

If I blog without "safety", I will "be dead". Make no mistake about this.

Even if you do not believe me in regard to the above… this does not matter.

It is "my life at stake", not yours.

Due to this forced move, I may be in Big Trouble. I simply do not know all of the particulars of this yet.

Allen Darman

p.s. There is one VERY easy way that "all of my friends on the Internet" can help me at this point. It is to send an email me at allen_dar@yahoo.com stating the following in the email body (not in an attachment):

You believe me when I say "my life is in clear and present danger for sure". And please do so "in your own words". These emails may help me to negotiate a better ("safer") deal with the apartment complex management. Or they may help me "in other critical ways".

I would like to deeply thank all those that may help me with the above.


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