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Sunday, October 17, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] The Financial Trigger Blog Upgraded (10-17-2010)


Dear Reader:

The financial trigger to decimate aggregate Big Pharma stock value is now in place.

Please allow me a few minutes to explain this.

In my humble opinion, the following three points essentially mean that (A) soon after the release of my video material in regard to how to self-treat depression at home is widely spread all over the Internet, (B) pharmaceutical company stock will fall. This "fall" may be quite substantial in dollar value in regard to the aggregate value of domestic (U.S.) drug company stock.

My "best guess" here is "by more than one hundred billion dollars" within a matter of three months after my video material in regard to self-treating depression is widely disseminated for free on multpile video sites on the Internet. My "best guess" may admittedly be way off the mark. This loss of aggregate domestic drug company stock value within a ninety day (90) period after my video material reaches the Internet may be more than triple this (greater than Three Hundred Billion Dollars).

1. The value of some stocks are heavily influenced by public perception. (ALL "big drug company" stock is influenced by this.)

To explain:

If the public is widely given a valid reason to "feel bad" about an industry that they widely purchase from, this industry's stock value will fall in the marketplace.

And if public is widely given a valid reason to "feel VERY bad" about an industry that they widely purchase from, this industry's stock value "will fall VERY SUBSTANTIALLY" in the marketplace.

The general public in the United States and elsewhere "widely purchases" from the drug industry. Who isn't on one of more of their myriad of toxic, symptom-masking, drugs for one reason or another?


Given the means to work with only a half a dozen people that are depressed, I can give the public a valid reason to "feel VERY bad" about an industry that they widely purchase from. Via the use of both video outlets on the Internet such as YouTube, and DVD product available for sale, in short order I can widely spread THIS VERY VALID REASON for the general public to "feel VERY bad" about the pharmaceutical drug industry. I can spread this message all over the English speaking world from the apartment that I currently reside in.

Even if I am a little wrong on the timeframe specified in the above, Big Pharma, as the industry it is today, is doomed if I remain alive to complete the video material I am going to generate within the next ninety days.

3. I AM NOW LINKED WITH A RESPECTED FISCAL ANALYST ON MY NUTRIENTSCURE YOUTUBE ACCOUNT. And I have ready and available access to a myriad of other persons of "similar ilk" on YouTube as well. Any "message" that I may have in regard to entire medication classes being completely obsolete can easily reach "its its intended audience". And I will soon have a number of these "messages", my "first target" of them being "the entire antidepressant class of medications".

I consider the "connections" on YouTube as reflected in the above to be a "Financial Trigger". This financial trigger can readily precipitate "Big Pharma's Impending Big Stock Fall" once my video material on how to self-treat depression "hits the Internet". This financial trigger is already in place. And in ninety days or less… I am going to "pull this trigger"… I swear to God I am.

What Can Big Pharma Do About Me?

It is going to look "awful funny" if I am not alive ninety days from today, as I am completely shut in an apartment that has concrete block walls in the halls, a strong steel door with multiple devices I added to it, so as to insure "this door is unpickable and will remain closed". The second entry point to the apartment I am in is a sliding glass door to a porch. This porch is on the 14th floor, and I am using two pieces of steel pipe to keep the sliding door closed. The third entry point to this apartment is the window in the bedroom that overlooks the porch. I have taken security measures there as well.

"To die in a locked apartment is very suspicious".

And for a hitman to get into this apartment represents "quite a bit of difficulty", if not is almost impossible, "without leaving a sign of forced entry".

Big Pharma is going to have a bit of a problem "silencing me" within the next ninety days for sure. And even if they do find some way of "making me dead" within the next ninety days, THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL KNOW.

All I can say to Big Pharma at this point is "Good luck stopping me from either killing you "with knowledge", or killing you "with martyrdom", if you happen to find a way in the next ninety days in regard to "taking me out".


I am admittedly "the little guy" (named "David") in the war I have been fighting with Big Pharma since the fall of 1997. (This was when I first discovered that modern medicine was using drugs to treat (A) "the state of broad nutrient deficiencies" and (B) "the malabsorptive syndrome" that a bipolar diagnosis represents.)

My crystal ball says that within ninety days "Goliath" (Big Pharma) is doomed due to what I can do.

"Methinks the world is going to be a little bit different in another six months or so than it is today".

I have so many to thank for where I am today. And I feel deeply gateful to God for having gotten to this place.

Allen Darman

Important Note: This material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may freely send this material to anyone they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish. Everyone has my signed "complete and irrevocable permission" in which to do so. Signed… Allen Darman and Dated… October 17, 2010.


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