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Saturday, October 23, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] perimenopause /Re: New Research On Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)


Could be that it would help your anxiety about perimenopause to use different *words*. Like the word "attack" below...

I am in perimenopause myself, but I don't think of the hot flashes or anything as "attacks". It's just a natural thing that's going to happen.

Maybe you haven't dealt with the *emotional* side of this? It is sometimes hard for me to deal with.

-the end of fertility (even though I truly do not want any more kids)

-"youth" really is in my past

-it was a hard shock when a friend used the word "crone", talking about a Wiccan kind of little ceremony. I was not ready for that! I'm only 49!

I don't love it, even though I've always said that I sort of look forward to the slower pace of old age. It is a big transition, and it is difficult, but it is just TIME. I'm almost crying, just writing this.

peace to you and me both

--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, "stagebabe2003" <stagebabe2003@...> wrote:
> Thank you... This article is very timely for me. Perimenopause is taking a beating on me and the frequency and increase of symptoms are horrible. The hot flashes that I feel have an anxiety quality to them. I am scared to take black cohosh because of the anxiety and it might make my heart race more. I have increased my vitamin intake and am taking Evening Primrose Oil. I also take flower essence when I am having an attack. I am against HRT, but want to do something to overcome these feelings. I presently have a Paraguard IUD, which I am thinking of having removed as this may be increasing my hormone level. I do not eat foods laden with hormones and do my best to decrease toxins around me, eat more balanced, etc. Thanks... Blessings, Meo

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