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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Upcoming Week One Report (Oct. 2010)


Dear Readers:

Tomorrow I am going to post a "Week One Progress Report".

This progress report will bring up a few problematic things that are upcoming.

Soon I am going to have to take a few days off to do "a few other things besides blogging" that need to be done around here.

I also need a few days to gather my strength again, and to think about how to resolve "some things" in regard to the complex situation that I find myself in.

As soon as possible it is back to work blogging again… and at an "output rate" similar to that of Week One. (I have no live-in healing house company yet. There is not much else to do for me in the apartment I am in, but "sit at the keyboard", and "do what I do" over the Internet.)

I came a long way this past week, my first one "out of the gate" after hiding for so long due to valid safety concerns.

Big Pharma is getting buried by the truth, despite the fact I am bedeviled and harrassed by hackers all day and all night long. Using Facebook? Not me, Big Pharma's hackers won't let me do a lot of things there.

How many more of "this past week" by me can Big Pharma stand?

As long as I can "remain safe" in the apartment I am in, I am going to keep hammering away at Big Pharma with "the Truth". (If I lose this apartment I am in Big Trouble. I signed "my death sentence" this past week. Big Pharma will never underestimate me again… lol.)


Biig Pharma does not stand a chance in regard to continuing to "suppress the truth" in regard to the healing power of free form amino acids and many other natural measures if I remain alive much longer.

You will realize this when you see my "Week One Progress Report".

This past week I have "put my life on the line" for the human race. There should be no doubt about this in anyone's mind.

I sure hope that the world does not abandon me "in time of need", if such should ever arise. (It has actually already arisen. The Week One Progress report will elucidate this.)

May God's will prevail.

Allen Darman


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