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Saturday, October 23, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] OT: Dr Garry Gordon's approach to Prostate Cancer and PSA testing


This article can be helpful if you understand how I would use PSA
information and what I believe active surveillance should entail. I want to keep my
patients away from needless, often repeated, biopsies and other far too
aggressive prostate treatments.

I find it useful, as usually we can at least modulate PSA doubling time,
as the pomegranate study proved. So I like my patients to have something
that helps them focus on staying healthy but to me that is total health not
just excess focus on the prostate but even looking at bone density and
coronary calcification and/or premature aging etc.

Tests help me to reward patients who follow my FIGHT program, as
everything I test should be able to improve overtime even though the patients is
getting older. I find patients with some significant health concern that can
be retested over time and show subsequent improvement in those repeated
tests will really do what I consider to be an adequate LIFELONG health and life
style program, as called for with my FIGHT program working on all levels.

At most 12% of all prostate cancers seem to ever become significant
threats to the patient's long term survival. As we age eventually everyone has
some prostate cancer, so how to protect the patients so they are not suddenly
confronted with metastatic disease and do this without the nonsense of up
to eight repeated biopsies over the course of a few years, is where the ART
of medicine comes in.

We know that Dr Black at Dartmouth years ago proved that by age 60,
autopsies find cancer of the prostate in 60% of all subjects tested. So with
elevated PSA test, I like to do other tests such as caprofile.net for $371, as
that picks up many cancers and tells you who has elevated anaerobic
metabolism going on (Warburg Nobel prize, cancer is anaerobic). Also I like to
consider the concept we learn from the Kobayashi Cancer Panel of tests, where
he proved that ALL early cancers suggested by tumor tests would normalize
with adequate life style based programs. So our goal is to put a program
together that will in time invariably lead to normalization of those tests.

The developer of the PSA test now claims it never was intended as a cancer
test, but more to detect chronic prostatitis so I believe that infection
is a key part of my fIght program and things like local hyperthermia and ACS
200 silver etc should help us overcome this

But I use any abnormal test as a motivator to improve health and expect
all future retesting to improve everything from testosterone levels to liver
function tests and levels of toxins in the body. So it comes down to my
interpretation of the term active surveillance where I am focused on
Anti-aging medicine and helping my patients reach their maximum intended useful
lifespan. Any tests that are not optimal I use to encourage patients to adopt
any and all modalities including Heparin, Vitamin C, Wobenzym, Quercetin,
Ozone/Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation, meditation, diet changes, etc.

I like to do broader testing and I can usually find some other areas in my
PSA patient's work-up needing optimization, i.e. blood flow to heart,
brain function, memory, exercise tolerance, glucose control etc. So, for me,
PSA testing and follow up fits into a broad program of monitoring, as many
things as patients are willing to look at and devising a program for my
patients that will optimize everything always. We know that a few cases of
prostate cancer can seem very aggressive and lead the patient to their demise.
If patients knew the truth however that according to oncology literature in
USA, stage 4 cancers have only a 2.1% five year survival with mainstream
treatment, but using alternative approaches Doctor Forsythe, an oncologist in
Reno, has documented to FDA who went through all his records that he has
500 stage 4 cancer patients that includes all types of cancer - with his 5
year survival being 37.5%.

And, in my experience, with stage 4 wide spread ca of the prostate, it is
the easiest one of all to treat for severe widespread mets. I like things
like hyperthermia but just using IV Vitamin C and anticancer plants like
Laetrile and Enzymes like Wobenzym that I used in my running the Manner Clinic
in Tijuana I have always found prostate cancer to be very responsive to
non drug therapy at any stage.

Meantime, since with my current age of 75, I should expect that I have a
75% probability of having it, yet the life style program I follow to deal
with all of my other issues, like CV disease etc, my prostate is well
controlled. Thus always remember my FIGHT program. I am convinced 99% of all
patients will do well on this plus non toxic plant based support particularly if
we begin my program before we have detectable lump/bump disease or
wide-spread mets.

Please note the conclusion of this new research paper that can save
thousands of patients who are now hapless victims of overaggressive prostate
treatments widely given in our country all too often I fear for the benefit
of the treating doctor, not for the patient.

"This means that many men with low-risk prostate cancer are receiving
aggressive cancer treatment even though active surveillance may be a safer and
acceptable alternative for some men with PSA levels below 10 ng/mL.1"

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute


Date: 9/28/2010
Over Diagnosis and Overtreatment for Prostate Cancer.
Source: Archives of Internal Medicine

Prostate cancer is a form of cancer that develops in the prostate, a gland
in the male reproductive system. Most prostate cancers are slow growing;
however, there are cases of aggressive prostate cancers. The cancer cells
may metastasize (spread) from the prostate to other parts of the body,
particularly the bones and lymph nodes. Prostate cancer may cause difficulty
urinating, urinary retention, problems during sexual intercourse, or erectile
dysfunction. Other symptoms can potentially develop during later stages of
the disease such as fatigue, nausea, weakness, back pain, swollen lymph
nodes, discomfort in the perineum, hip pain, or weight loss. Blood may be
present in the urine. Most prostatic cancers are detected in asymptomatic men
who have an elevated PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level or a nodular or
enlarged prostate at the time of examination.

Prostate cancer screening is utilized to detect the tumor while it is
localized in the prostate and is most easily and successfully treated. Biopsy
of the prostate is essential for establishing the diagnosis and is indicated
when an abnormality is detected by palpation or elevated PSA.

Recent data suggests that prostate cancer screening may lead to
overtreatment in men who do not actually need any cancer treatment. The study
reviewed information from 123,934 men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer.
Researchers found that 14 percent had PSA values below 4 ng/mL, 73.5 percent were
between 4.1 and 20 ng/mL and 12.5 percent had levels above 20 ng/mL. Men
with screen-detected prostate cancer and PSA values less than 4 ng/mL were
1.49 and 1.39 times more likely to receive radical prostatectomy and
radiation therapy, respectively, and were less likely to have high-grade disease
than men who had non-screen-detected prostate cancer. This means that many
men with low-risk prostate cancer are receiving aggressive cancer treatment
even though active surveillance may be a safer and acceptable alternative
for some men with PSA levels below 10 ng/mL.1

1 Shao YH, Albertsen PC, Roberts CB, et al. Risk profiles and treatment
patterns among men diagnosed as having prostate cancer and a
prostate-specific antigen level below 4.0 ng/ml. Arch Intern Med. 2010;170(14);1256-61.

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