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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Mental Health Treatment That Works


One thing that has worked "wonders" for me is cutting out WHEAT.

The mental fog, the strange confusion that would sometimes hit me so hard (maybe like schizophrenia), out of the blue, the burning hip-joint pain that would last for months at a time... All seem to be almost completely gone, here some six months after I quit eating wheat (except for naturally-fermented sourdough bread, and a little naturally-fermented beer ;+)

That strange confusion was the most troubling, but all of it had just gradually been getting worse and worse over the last 10-20 years. How I wish I had known about this when I was young!! Might have some permanent gut damage now.

But my life sure is better. I look back at the last six months and cry. Such a simple thing, such a major life shift!

Can't find it now, but there is a guy about my age, who had major behavioral problems all his life, almost to the point of being institutionalized. At 40 years, somebody decided to test him for wheat allergy. Positive results, took him off wheat, major improvement in his behavior immediately. He keeps getting better, but will probably never be "normal" because of all the damage to his gut.

Yes, there are holes in his gut, from his body not being able to handle the wheat protein or whatever substance it is in the wheat that a lot of people can't handle.

The experts say probably 30-40% of humans have problems with wheat and don't know it. I believe it. I had tried cutting out wheat a decade ago, but didn't give it long enough, and didn't really know what to look for, so it seemed like it didn't make any difference. Six months ago, the pain in my left hip was so bad, that when it was almost gone only two days after cutting out wheat, that was certainly enough to give it a much longer trial. Then I started noticing that I hadn't had that crazy schizophrenic confusion lately. *That* was the real deal-sealer.

Wheat is a low-grade poison to me.


--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, "europanz" <upulagi@...> wrote:
> I have suffered from depression in the past and 3 of my children have mental illness and I recently gave my daughter some good quality high dose vitamins and about three weeks later she was like a different person. This is what I found in the net that really works.I`m not on any meds and I feel so well.
> Mental Health Treatment That Works
> (OMNS) Doctors report that mental health problems including depression, bipolar disorder, schizo

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