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Sunday, October 31, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] The Proper Chemical Answer For Depression Has Been Found 10-31-2010


Dear Reader:

The greatest gift I have for the world regards what I know about the chemical correction of depression (using nutrients and other natural measures).

My knowledge in regard to how to properly treat depression from a chemical standpoint has been world leading since April 2000. Willy's Baggies were based on this knowledge… and Willy's Baggies gave back to this knowledge as well… they greatly simplified it in regard to its implementation (on others).

Essentially the following six blogs END! the world's search for the proper manner in which to chemically correct (cure) depression.

The six blogs below mean that the proper chemical answer (cure) for depression has been found.

It has been found in its tablet and capsule version anyway (Willy's Baggie idea). There needs to be a liquid (drinkable) version of this proper chemical answer developed as well. (I haven't been able to explore this yet for one reason or another.)

The above paragraph does not mean that the juicing of raw organic non-allergic vegetables and non-allergic green shakes are excluded from being part of the proper chemical answer for depression as well. Juicing coupled with gut floral correction is a must in which to fully resolve a state of depression. And green shakes are very wise to consider as well.

I state the above despite how far the simple measures of (1) a properly formulated Willy's Baggie and (2) a fiber purge taken prior to taking such a baggie may take some one in regard to the resolution of their symptoms of depression.

Although what I am saying in the six links below may admittedly need editing, copy changes, broken links repaired, etc. this does not matter in regard to the next point that I am going to make…

The material below exposes the enormous hoax of the ENTIRE CLASS of antidepressant medications.

Big Pharma cannot stand to have the antidepressant class of medications exposed as a hoax. It would cost them dearly if it was… hundreds of billions perhaps. (Where does this leave me personally? I can guess.)

I admit that I am not the best writer. I admit that I use far too many quote marks when none are needed. I admit I am too wordy. I admit that my Nutrientscure WordPress site is an organizational mess. I admit that I smoke too many cigarettes. (I hope to quit fairly soon.) I ask that the world forgive me my errors, mistakes, and flaws, etc.

I ask that the world forgive me in regard to all of the above on the basis that the six blogs below were written by me.

The fact that my main website is a mess merits an explanation perhaps. Please remember that (1) chronic homelessness, (2) the lack of a safe environment in which to work (write), (3) the lack of access to Willy's baggies on a regular basis, and (4) hackers have all impaired my Internet efforts since June 2006 (when the first computer that I was using was hammered by drug industry funded hackers… the first of many since then).


Working off the concepts and ideas in material below, and having an adequate knowledge in regard to hidden food allergy and other common malabsorptive causes, ANY competent research team in the world could blow the entire class of antidepressant medication out of the water… as far as the truth goes. (The catch here is "Who will stand up to Big Pharma?", and suffer the certainty of their wrath.)

The following six blogs have the power to help millions, if not the entire human race. In my mind, nothing else matters but this.

Allen Darman

The following six blogs are "must read" blogs for anyone interested in the proper chemical correction of depression.

Incidentally, I do pledge to correct and/or upgrade the following six blogs and their links as soon as I am able to. (Admittedly, as buried as I am writing-wise this may take a while.)

It is wise to read the blogs listed below in the order presented.

1. Concepts and Ideas to Treat Depression Naturally (2003)


2. Willy's Baggie II Shortcuts The Resolution of Depression


3. Depression and Bipolar Disorder – Cured At Last! (August 2007)


4. An Overview of Willys Baggie I, II, and III (March 2010)


5. The Connection Between Gut Biology And Mental Illness (2010)


6. Introducing the Concept of an "Educational Healing House" (2006)


Important Note: This material is not copyright protected in ANY way. Anyone and everyone may freely send this material to anyone they wish. In addition to this, anyone and everyone may put this material on their own website if they wish. Everyone has my signed complete and irrevocable permission in which to do so. Signed… Allen Darman and Dated… October 31, 2010.


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