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Thursday, October 21, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Alternative to man made deoderant


Yes this is true, when there is a lot of sweating and odors there is usually toxicity the body is trying to get rid of or some other issue that needs to be resolved.

--- In AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com, cmc <broadwayli61@...> wrote:
> I went to a medical intuitive and a kinesiologist ...explained that when we have
> issues like this, it is us, not the products
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> From: egbdf12 <dwntwn1250@...>
> To: AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com
> Sent: Fri, October 15, 2010 1:55:39 PM
> Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] Re: Alternative to man made deoderant
> I'm allergic to absolutely every deoderant known to man, including the so-called
> "hypo-allergenic" ones. The ONLY thing that works well for me is rubbing
> alcohol. I have to carry a small spritz bottle of it to work, it may be
> inconvenient because you would need to apply it every several hours, but it does
> work and it's inexpensive.
> ~David
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> wrote:
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> > From: Pam <dunganichy01@>
> > To: AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com
> > Sent: Thu, 14 October, 2010 6:14:22 AM
> > Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] Alternative to man made deoderant
> >
> >  
> > Can anyone advise me what to use? I sweat quite a lot and hve tried a natural
> > deoderant from Lush which was supposed the be free of nasty stuff it contained
> > baking soda and burnt my armpits so any other suggestions would be greatly
> > appreciated
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