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Saturday, October 16, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Drug Company Funded Hackers Preventing Me From Blog Correction


Dear Reader:

There is a serious error of omission in the blog titled "The Financial Trigger To Decimate Big Pharma Stock Value Is In Place"
on http://nutrientscure.wordpress.com.

This error essentially diminishes a 180 day time period into a ninety day one.

The copy that was accidentally omitted was:

"after my video material reaches the Internet"

Using the "marking sign" of *** on each end of the copy ommitted I have corrected this in the following paragraph:

My "best guess" here is "by more than one hundred billion dollars" within a matter of three months after my video material is widely disseminated for free on multpile video sites on the Internet. My "best guess" may admittedly be way off the mark. This loss of aggregate domestic drug company stock value within a ninety day (90) period ***after my video material reaches the Internet*** may be more than triple this (greater than Three Hundred Billion Dollars).

I could not correct the above error myself, due to the fact that drug company funded hackers seem to be repeatedly preventing me from doing so.

My ability in general to use my WordPress site is SEVERELY compromised at the moment, and in multiple ways. This is compromise that I am certain is "due to hacking".

Big Pharma is freaking out!!! over what I am doing on the Internet. This current hacking episode bespeaks of their desperation. I am "slowly turning the screws" with my blogs and other efforts, and it is killing them.

As I said many times before… One of us has to go down.

I wonder what the future will bring in the next 90 days while I work on my video material… video material that "really hurts" Big Pharma's aggregate stock value.

Allen Darman


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