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Monday, October 18, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] A Particularly Nice Comment I Received Today (10-17-10)


Dear Reader:

I am getting a lot of positive feedback from all over the world at this point. So much for me in the past few weeks has changed Thank God.

This change in the past few weeks since I could be "honest with the world" is entirely due to my "self imposed jail" finally being finished such that "the door solidly got closed" (with me safely inside). I could finally go "to work"… and "probably" live to see tomorrow.

I got a particularly nice comment today on one of my blogs. This comment was so heartwarming to me I thought I would share it in here:

Your closing last sentence with "Gratitude to GOD" and analogy of David and Goliath makes all the difference.

As JF Kennedy said in the sixties " When good men do nothing…. evil proliferates"
You represent ALL GOOD INTENTIONS, for the GOOD of ALL. I say a prayer for your well being. May GOD's WILL PREVAIL.
Keep well, and keep the faith in GOD CREATOR of all things.
You so obviously "enjoy" in your life, lived ON PURPOSE.

[I love the person who wrote the above. We have never met, nor probably ever will. I'd need a passport... and do not intend on getting one. I am in this apartment "until it is over, one way or the other". Never meeting someone does not preclude one from loving the other person for "who they are".]

I commented back…

I wish to deeply thank you for your words. I borrowed "some of them"… May God's Will Prevail. Amen. is now this blog's closure.

Thank you again for everything.

(((Giant Hug)))

Allen Darman


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