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Monday, October 25, 2010

[AlternativeAnswers] Greater Particulars Regarding What Bob Beck Did For Me


Dear Reader:

As I stated in a prior blog, I consider any blog that I have written and posted to the Internet on or since the day "A Tribute to Bob Beck; A World Class Healer" was written on May 21, 2010 to be the "second generation" of my knowledge and my written work.

What Bob Beck did for me, in addition to what I knew of Jim Humble's work with MMS, was to fill in the key missing piece in my quest to cure mental illness as a whole.

When I became aware of Bob Beck in May 2010, I had already acquired a great deal of knowledge in regard to the other factors that must be addressed in order to fully correct an illness such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

Prior to my becoming aware of Bob Beck, I knew that "inadequate functional nutrient status" was a MAJOR causative factor in regard to the symptoms of mental illness. I also knew that when coupled together (1) Willy's Baggie idea, (2) what the Truehope people know, (3) the juicing of raw organic vegetables, (4) non-allergic superfood shakes with fresh pineapple or other fruits added, and (5) a healthy non-allergic nutrient dense diet taken with whatever digestive aids may be necessary (such digestive enzymes, HCL, or bile salts for those that need them) I had an answer for this problem of inadequate functional nutrient status. (It is my opinion that these five points represent the best coverage of this problematic issue of inadequate functional nutrient status that has ever been devised.)

Incidentally, in addition to my knowing of the above five measures to correct inadequate functional nutrient status, during the past four years I have learned that (1) Willy's Baggie idea is a practical and reliable shortcut for many persons in which to stay above par in a chemical sense (even if the other four points listed above are ignored), such that no mental illness symptoms are apparent at all.

Prior to my becoming aware of Bob Beck, I knew in a solid and personal sense that multiple hidden food allergies, food insensitivities, and/or food intolerances were a MAJOR causative factor in regard to the symptoms of mental illness. I also knew that no food allergy laboratory testing methodology was accurate enough to accurately determine all of one's problematic foods. (I knew from personal experience that a rare food cave man elimination diet was the best way to determine such.)

Prior to my becoming aware of Bob Beck, I knew in a solid and personal sense that flawed gut biology involving candida and other intestinal dysbiosis issues was a MAJOR causative factor in depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and a myriad of other mental illnesses. And I knew how to correct such in a practical sense in myself (and in a manner that was faster than any other person in the world that I am aware of).

Prior to my becoming aware of Bob Beck, I knew that one's toxic load was a causative factor in mental illness. I knew that some toxins in the body had been "locked up and stored away" such that these toxins were not a major issue in regard to any mental illness symptoms I might suffer from at the time. I also knew that a good deal of toxic load was being generated on a daily basis in my gut by either (2) flawed gut biology or (2) rotting or fermenting undigested foods. And I knew it was this daily toxic release (coming from my own gut) that was the portion of my total toxic load that I had to be most concerned about, as far as my own mental illness symptoms were concerned.

Prior to my becoming aware of Bob Beck, I knew that malabsorption was a MAJOR causative factor in depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other mental illnesses. As a result of my personally having a GI tract that had a strong tendency to be, or to become, malabsorptive, years of "trial and error" efforts, and a great deal of thought and reflection… I felt that I understood malabsorption and how to correct it in myself perhaps better than anyone else in the world. (I knew if I was not #1 in this regard, I had to be close to being #1.)

Prior to my becoming aware of Bob Beck, I knew that "after the water was taken out" there were two remaining distinct pools of chemistry in the body that were wise to consider as "separate and apart from each other" as far as the correction of mental illness symptoms was concerned.

One pool of chemistry I called the "fixed" or "static" pool. This pool static pool of chemistry represents WELL OVER 99.9% of the chemistry in the body dry weight (after the water was taken out).

The other pool I called the "dynamic" or "fluid" pool. This fluid pool of chemistry is much less than one tenth of one percent (less than 0.1%) of the entire chemistry of the body dry weight (after the water was taken out).

Some of this fluid pool of chemistry is composed of the readily available nutrient chemistry that enzymes, hormones, and neurotransmitters are made out of every single hour and every single day. Some of this fluid pool of chemistry is composed of free toxic molecules (or free allergen molecules) that have yet to be either deactivated, "locked up", or excreted by some detoxifying process.

Prior to my becoming aware of Bob Beck, I solidly knew from much personal experience that to correct mental illness symptoms in myself, I only needed to correct my "fluid pool" of chemistry (which was less than one tenth of the overall chemistry in my body).

To correct this "fluid pool" of chemistry, I needed to (1) increase its functional nutrient status, (2) decrease the presence of toxins in it, and whatever this entails (such as to correct the underlying bad biology in my gut which is often a major source of toxic generation in myself), and (3) decrease the presence of allergens in my fluid pool (for me, this primarily means the avoidance of food allergens, as I have few environmental allergies that I am aware of.)

Prior to my becoming aware of Bob Beck, I had learned that correcting my fluid pool of chemistry was the cornerstone of correcting any and all mental illness symptoms in myself.

Prior to my becoming aware of Bob Beck, I had learned how to become mood, mentally, and physically optimal at will, by taking proper care of my fluid pool. However, I also knew that for some other persons, what I was doing to become mood and mentally optimal at will was not enough for them. This was due to the fact that these persons had serious toxic-generating bad biology issues inside of themselves. And I did not have an answer for this.

What the above means is that prior to becoming aware of Bob Beck there was one single significant gap in regard my knowledge of how to correct the fluid pool of chemistry. This meant that there was one single significant gap in regard my knowledge of how to correct mental illness properly that I was aware of.

In August 1999, as a result of knowingly risking my life, I learned how profoundly causative of mental illness symptoms "toxic-generating bad biology" in the gut can be. At about this time, I also learned solidly how to fix such in me (correct "bad gut biology" in me).

Soon after the above discovery in August 1999, I knew that a high load of bad biology in either the gut or the body could cripple someone from the standpoint of mental health. It could (and does) do so because this bad biology releases a myriad of toxins. (This bad biology is also nutrient depleting as well.) And the higher the load of bad biology inside oneself, the greater the toxic release that this bad biology burdens one with.

For years I have known that I was still missing a piece of knowledge that would complete the answer to the puzzle of how to cure mental illness.

This piece of knowledge regarded the question of "What does one do to correct the flawed toxic-generating biology that is found inside the body, but is found outside of the GI tract?"

For example, what if (perhaps due to leaky gut) candida, parasites, or other intestinal dysbiosis issues migrate and become systemic inside one's body? Or what if one has viral, bad bacterial, yeast, mold, fungal, or parasitic issues inside their body that he or she has picked up in any manner whatsoever? whether they have leaky gut or not.

I did not know how to correct for the above mentioned bad biology issues inside of the body prior to becoming aware of the work of Jim Humble, and Bob Beck (and Royal Rife as well).

I did become aware of Jim Humble and his work with MMS some years ago. However, I "guessed" that perhaps this man's discovery of MMS may not be enough to deal with a wide range of bad biology in the body. (I admittedly may be wrong in this guess regarding MMS. I personally cannot wait to try MMS and Jim Humble's wisdom on myself, just as I cannot wait to try the wisdom of Bob Beck when I can afford such.)


Once I found Bob Beck's wisdom in addition to that of Jim Humble, I knew in a deep and very heartfelt sense that my search for THE COMPLETE CONCEPTUAL ANSWER to a myriad of mental illnesses was over! I knew that the last puzzle piece that I had been searching for had been found. And I stated such with confidence in the blog that I wrote honoring Bob Beck.

The correction of severe mental illness SHOULD ALWAYS INVOLVE correction on the following FIVE fronts: (1) Correcting One's Functional Nutrient Status, (2) Minimizing One's Allergic Load (especially food allergens), (3) Minimizing One's Toxic Load (especially gut generated ones), (4) Minimizing One's Bad Biological Load, and (5) Identifying And Correcting Any And All Malabsorptive Causes.

In essence, Bob Beck, Jim Humble, and Royal Raymond Rife have taught me to add point number (4) to the mental illness correction list that I had developed years ago… such that now it was five points in total, and not just four.

To repeat myself from the Bob Beck blog:

"As of this day, Friday May 21, 2010 it is known that ALL MENTAL ILLNESSES CAN BE READILY CURED VIA NATURAL MEANS, every single one".

Less than a week after I made the above statement, I underwent what I consider to be the second attempt in 2010 to take my life. (It is my belief that this occurred due to the fact that some portion of Big Pharma knows that Bob Beck and I are right.)

At least in a conceptual sense, on 5-21-2010 my quest to find the cure for many mental illnesses was over.

I pray that I find the collaborators and the means in the foreseeable future in which to prove to the world the veracity of what I am saying.

Allen Darman


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