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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Risperdal and other drugs for autism


There are no drugs that really work to cure or solve ADD to Autism. They
may relieve some symptoms, but their main purpose is to make profits for
Big Pharma. MD's are "trained" to use such, and they make children
"easier" to handle in school for teachers, but the long term use is
dangerous. Like street drugs which are similar, they are addictive, and
that's never good. There has never been a case where they cured anything.

If you want to "solve" ADD to Autism problems, there are non drug solutions
that are proven to work. Many are simply too expensive for a mid or low
income family, but there are some that aren't expensive and that are done
at home. If you go to seminars, or conventions, or workshops, you can find
lots of these. There's a lot of money in ADD to Autism today because it is
epidemic. If you want to research many of these schemes (that do work
towards solutions) check out

There are two "solutions" that remove allergy stress. One has been proven
for about 50 years. That is Neurofeedback, or earlier named EEG
biofeedback. By relieving stress, It allows the brain to function better,
and the child to grow up much more clearer thinking. The drawback to this
is the cost. For an ADD/ADHD child, it requires 50-60 sessions costing an
average of $100 each. For an autistic child, it may require up to 200
sessions or more. In addition, for autistic children, it is difficult to
use. Getting sensors placed and kept in place is hard to impossible, and
many NFB clinics today won't even take autistic kids.

There is a newer therapy called Neuroliminal Training (NT) that changes
brain waves similar to NFB, but uses a simpler technique that is easy to do
at home. It utilizes sleep therapy and subliminal messaging, that uses a
simple CD that plays all night every night. This gradually solves
allergies and that stress, allowing the brain to work much better. It
costs only $147 total for any length of use.

In addition, there are 3 additional therapies all done at home that help to
solve heavy mineral toxicity, the leading cause of autism by using simple
vitamin C; getting better nutrition desperately needed; and getting the
digestion system working normally. This set of therapies has solved
hundreds of autism problems over the past 8 years. For a lengthy free
article explaining these 4 therapies, go to

The ADD/ADHD part of this continuum is pretty simple, and use of the NT CD
works within 60 days has school students sitting still in class, increasing
their attention and concentration, raising their grade average, and
increasing their IQ score 10-15 points. (By the way, all ADD/ADHD kids are
much above "average" in IQ generally, but cannot use that intelligence due
to the "static" of stress. All autistic kids have actual brain damage,
mostly from heavy metal (mercury or aluminum) in addition to the allergy

There is lot more free information on all the above at http://drbate.com
Autism has been called a "family bankruptcy disease", but it can be solved
without that if done at home.

Phil Bate PhD - Orthomolecular Psychologist (30+ years)
Inventor of (at home) inexpensive Neuroliminal Therapy
NT Solves ADD-Autism, Depression, and much more
There are NO drugs that "cure" mental diseases
http://drbate.com - drbate@bellsouth.net

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