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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Oregano Tea Health Benefits


Oregano Tea Health Benefits:

Oregano Plant belongs to the family of mint group of plants and it is
perennial in season. Oregano herb is widely used as herbal medicine
since long ago. Oregano herb is botanically known as Origanum Vulgare
that means joy of the mountains. Generally, oregano herb or plant grows
in hilly regions, filling the air with its fragrance and aroma and
looks like beautiful herb with attractive flowers. The healing and
medicinal properties that provides numerous benefits due to the
presence of natural oil in its leaves.

Oregano herb contains many essential antioxidants, minerals and
vitamins that contribute to promote general health. Oregano consists of
phenolic compounds namely thymol and cavacrol, which posses
antibacterial and anti microbial properties. Traditionally, in Chinese
medicine, oregano is used for the treatment of intestinal parasites.

Oregano Tea Health Benefits include; Oregano tea is prepared with dried
leaves and fresh leaves boiled in water ten minutes. Oregano Tea
provides various health benefits such as it prevents indigestion, it is
used to increase appetite, prevents cough and cold, provides relief
from bronchial asthma, provides relief from nervousness, provides
relief from headaches, provides relief from menstrual disorders,
reduces feverish conditions, prevents diarrhea, provides relief from
vomiting and nausea. Oregano improves oral hygiene and can also be used
as mouth wash. Oregano tea relieves depression, prevents constipation,
prevents brain and lung fog, and kills intestinal parasites. Due to the
presence of anti fungal activity, it prevents fungal infections of
nail, athlete's foot, and head lice.

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