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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] Thanks for prayers. Need further prayers


I am praying her health will be restored and thought maybe this may appeal to
you. It is from the Course In Miracles which helps one shift one's perception
if one is so inclined. All the best to you.
Healing the Mind
The body cannot heal, because it cannot MAKE ITSELF SICK. It NEEDS no healing.
Its health or sickness depends ENTIRELY on how the mind perceives it, and the
purpose that the mind would use it FOR. And it IS obvious that a segment of the
mind CAN see itself as SEPARATED from the Universal Purpose. When this occurs,
the body becomes its weapon, used AGAINST this Purpose to DEMONSTRATE the "fact"
that separation HAS occurred. The body thus becomes the instrument of illusion,
acting accordingly; SEEING what is not there, HEARING what truth has never said,
and BEHAVING INSANELY, being imprisoned BY insanity.
Do not overlook our earlier statement that faithlessness leads straight to
illusions. For faithlessness IS the perception of a brother AS a body, and the
body CANNOT be used for purposes of union. If, then, you SEE him as a body, YOU
have established a condition in which UNITING with him becomes impossible. Your
FAITHLESSNESS to him has separated you FROM him, and kept you BOTH apart from
being healed. Your faithlessness has thus OPPOSED the Holy Spirit's purpose, and
brought illusions, CENTERED ON THE BODY, to stand BETWEEN you. And the body WILL
seem to be sick, for you have made of it an "enemy" of healing, and the OPPOSITE
of truth.
It CANNOT be difficult to realize that faith MUST be the opposite of
faithLESSness. But the difference in how they operate is less apparent, though
it follows directly from the fundamental difference in what they ARE.
Faithlessness would always LIMIT AND ATTACK; faith would remove ALL limitations,
and MAKE WHOLE. Faithlessness would destroy and SEPARATE; faith would unite and
HEAL. Faithlessness would interpose illusions between the Son of God and his
Creator; faith would remove ALL obstacles that SEEM to rise between them.
Faithlessness is wholly dedicated to illusions; faith wholly to truth.
PARTIAL DEDICATION IS IMPOSSIBLE. Truth is the ABSENCE of illusion; illusion the
ABSENCE of truth. Both cannot BE together, nor perceived in the SAME PLACE. To
dedicate yourself to BOTH, is to set up a goal forever impossible to attain. For
PART of it is sought through the body, THOUGHT OF as a means for seeking out
reality through ATTACK. While the OTHER part would HEAL, and therefore calls
upon the mind, and NOT the body. The INEVITABLE compromise is the belief that
the BODY must be healed, and NOT the mind. For this divided goal has given both
an EQUAL reality, and can SEEM to be possible only if the mind is limited TO the
body, and divided into little parts with SEEMING wholeness, but WITHOUT
This will NOT harm the body. But it WILL keep the delusional thought-system IN
THE MIND. Here, then, is healing needed. And it is here that healing IS. For God
gave healing not APART from sickness, nor established remedy where sickness
CANNOT be. They ARE together, and when they are SEEN together, ALL attempts to
KEEP both truth AND illusion in the mind, where both MUST be, are recognized as
DEDICATION TO ILLUSION. And GIVEN UP when BROUGHT to truth, and seen as totally
UNRECONCILABLE with truth, in ANY aspect, or in any WAY.
Truth and illusion HAVE no connection. This will remain FOREVER true, however
much YOU seek to connect them. But ILLUSIONS are ALWAYS connected, AS IS TRUTH.
Each is united, a COMPLETE thought-system, but totally DISconnected to EACH
OTHER. Where there is NO overlap, there separation MUST be complete. And to
perceive THIS is to recognize where separation IS, and WHERE IT MUST BE HEALED.
The RESULT of an idea is NEVER separate from its source. The IDEA of separation
PRODUCED the body, and remains connected TO it, MAKING it sick because of its
identification WITH it.
You THINK you are PROTECTING the body by HIDING this connection. For this
concealment SEEMS to keep your identification safe from the "attack" of truth.
If you but understood how much this strange concealment has hurt your mind, and
how confused your own identification has become to you, BECAUSE of it! You do
not see how great the devastation wrought by your faithlessness. For
faithlessness is an attack, which SEEMS to be justified by its RESULTS. For, by
withholding faith, you see only what IS unworthy of it, and cannot look BEYOND
the barrier to what is joined with you.
To have faith is to heal. It is the sign that you have accepted the Atonement
for yourself, and would therefore SHARE it. By faith, you offer the gift of
freedom from the past, which you have received. You do not use anything your
brother has done before to condemn him NOW. You freely choose to overlook his
errors, looking past all barriers between your self and his, and seeing them as
one. And, in that one, you see your faith is fully justified. There IS no
justification for faithlessness. but faith is ALWAYS justified.
Faith is the OPPOSITE of fear, as much a part of love, as fear is of attack.
Faith is the acknowledgment of UNION. It is the gracious acknowledgment of
everyone as a Son of your most loving Father, loved by Him as you, and therefore
loved by you as yourself. It is HIS Love that joins you, and FOR His Love you
would keep no one separate from YOURS. Each one APPEARS just as he is perceived
in the holy instant, united in YOUR purpose to be RELEASED from guilt. You saw
the Christ in him, and he was healed, because you looked on what makes faith
FOREVER justified in EVERYONE.
Faith is the gift of God, through Him Whom God has GIVEN you. Faithlessness
looks upon the Son of God, and judges him UNWORTHY of forgiveness. But, through
the eyes of faith, the Son of God is seen ALREADY forgiven, free of all the
guilt he laid upon himself. Faith sees him only NOW, because it looks not to the
past to judge him, but would see in him ONLY what it would see in YOU. It sees
NOT through the body's eyes, nor looks to bodies for its justification. It is
the messenger of the NEW perception, sent forth to gather witnesses unto its
coming, and to return their messages to YOU.
Faith is as easily exchanged for knowledge as is the real world. For faith
ARISES from the Holy Spirit's perception, and is the sign you share it WITH Him.
Faith is a gift you offer to the Son of God THROUGH Him, and WHOLLY acceptable
to his Father as to him. And therefore offered YOU. Your holy relationship, with
its NEW purpose, offers you faith to give unto EACH OTHER. Your faithlessness
had driven you APART, and so you did not RECOGNIZE salvation in each other. But
faith UNITES you in the holiness you see, NOT through the body's eyes, but in
the sight of Him Who joined you, and in Whom YOU are united.
Grace is not given to a BODY, but to a MIND. And the mind that RECEIVES it,
looks INSTANTLY beyond the body, and sees the holy place where IT was healed.
THERE is the altar where the grace was given, in which IT stands. Do you, then,
offer grace and BLESSING to each other, for you stand at the SAME altar, where
grace was laid for BOTH of you. And be you healed by grace TOGETHER, that YOU
may heal through faith.
In the holy instant, you stand before the altar God has raised unto Himself and
BOTH of you. Lay faithlessness aside, and come to it TOGETHER. There will you
see the miracle of your relationship, as it was MADE AGAIN through faith. And
there it is that you will realize that there is NOTHING faith can NOT forgive.
NO error INTERFERES with its calm sight, which brings the miracle of healing
with equal ease to ALL of them. For what the messengers of love are sent to do
THEY DO. Returning the glad tidings that it was done, to you who stand before
the altar from which they were sent forth, TOGETHER.
As faithlessness will keep your little kingdoms barren and separate, so will
faith help the Holy Spirit prepare the ground for the most holy garden that He
would make of it. For faith brings peace, and so it calls on truth to enter and
make lovely, what has already BEEN prepared for loveliness. Truth FOLLOWS faith
and peace, completing the process of making lovely that they begin. For faith is
still a learning goal, no longer needed when the lesson has been learned. But
Truth will stay forever.Let, then, your dedication be to the eternal. And learn
how NOT to interfere with it, and make it slave to time. For what you think you
do to the eternal, you do to YOU. Whom God created as His Son is slave to
nothing, being lord of all, along with his Creator. You CAN enslave a body, but
an IDEA is free, INCAPABLE of being kept in prison, or limited in ANY way,
EXCEPT BY THE MIND THAT THOUGHT IT. For it remains JOINED to its source, which
is its jailer or its liberator, according to which it chooses as ITS purpose FOR

Healing the Mind
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From: needsuccessarun <needsuccessarun@yahoo.in>
To: AlternativeAnswers@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Mon, May 30, 2011 10:13:20 AM
Subject: [AlternativeAnswers] Thanks for prayers. Need further prayers


Last time I requested for prayers for my mother. She is well now. Thank you very
much for your prayers. I am greatful.

However, again I am in trouble as my 15 year old daughter suffered from facial
nerve palsy. She finds it fifficult to move one part her facial muscles.
Treatment is going on mostly physiotherapy. Kindly pray for my daughter Siddhi
so that this illness is cured and she becomes normal and gets better life ahead.
God bless you with better health and abundence of happiness.

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