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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Recipes: How to Create Your Essential Oil Blends


Good Morning!

Recipes: How to Create Your Essential Oil Blends

Bath Blend: Add 15 to 20 drops of bath blend to a bathtub already filled with
warm water. Disperse the bath blend in the warm water with your hand. Soak in
the bath for up to twenty minutes. Repeat as needed.

Massage Blend: Add 10-15 drops of chosen essential oil to 4 oz of a carrier base
oil such as sunflower, safflower, jojoba, or canola oil. Pour a quarter size
drop into the palm of your hands and bring your palms together. Disperse the
oil over the area you want to massage and rub in a circular, clockwise motion.
Gently massage the area for 10-20 minutes or over the entire body for a total
body massage.

Diffuser Blend: Place 8-10 drops of essential oil in the diffuser bowl filled
with water. Most diffusers use a tea candle. As the candle warms the bowl the
aroma from the blend diffuses into the air. This blend can also be placed in any
lamp ring.

Inhalant Blend: You may blend several essential oils together or use one
particular oil. Simply uncap the bottle and place it up to one nostril. Close
the other nostril with your finger as you inhale deep. Switch nostrils and
inhale once more, be sure to close the opposite nostril. Try not to touch the
bottle to the nostril for this area is very sensitive and the blend may slightly
burn or irritate the area around the nostril. Repeat as often as needed

Rub Blend: In 1 tablespoon of carrier base oil, add 8-10 drops essential oil.
Massage the rub into appropriate area for 5-10 minutes. Repeat as needed.

Compress Blend: Blend 5 -10 drops essential oil in a quart of cold water.
Saturate a cloth with the water/blend mixture and apply to the affected area for
at least 10 minutes. Repeat treatment often.

Perfume Blend: Blending 2 to 3 essential oils together in jojoba oil can make a
lovely perfume. Dab this delicate, concentrated mixture on your pulse points.
Remember the rule: Less is more.

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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