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Friday, May 6, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: I am sorry but what is PTSD?


I understand what he is going through and empathize with you both. I have
PTSD and other things. I would urge you to find a mental health clinic that
has a sliding scale. It cost me 2. A session to see my therapist, nurse, and
Psychiatrist.Having someone other than my spouse to help me thru the rough
spots has been invaluable. Your husband's conditions are very serious and he
should never stop taking his meds, and alternative therapies that work with
him and his meds. I would rather let my body adjust to the side effects than
to have to deal with how things were before the meds, in my opinion. He also
has to use positive self talk when the flashbacks come and when the negative
talk comes. Yoga, meditation, Tae Bo may help burn excess energy and focus
the mind. Aromatherapy would help.
I think you are a very special person to search for ways to help him and
stick by him.

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