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Monday, May 30, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Introduction


Hi, I am a 30yo mom of 4. I have chronic stress for the past at least the last 15 years maybe my whole life. I have had digestive trouble for as long as I can remember and cannot remember many times I was actually happy as a kid. I have also fought with depression most of my life. I tried the medical route but have yet to find a perscription that will do more then keep me from totally going over the edge. I have tried herbs, sometimes they help for things and sometimes they don't. I also do some yoga but that hasn't seemed to help much in the past. Also I was raised with a very strong christian upbringing, I didn't find that helped me at all with these problems and I didn't see any of the healing happening that they always prayed for. I am starting to learn about healing with crystals but only a month in on reading about it. I am very open to trying anything at this point or any tips since I only know what I have read so far. I live in a small town with access to only the internet for resources and learning. We don't have very much alternative healing available and I don't have access to teaching in this area either. So I am really glad to be here and able to learn more, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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