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Monday, May 2, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Peacefulmind.com Wellness Newsletter May


Peacefulmind.com Wellness Newsletter May

Flower Power

Aromatherapy is the original power of the flowers! Naturally distilled essences of flowers and plants called essential oils can restore balance and harmony to your life. Discover Andrew's own line of organic and wild crafted "Angel's Mist" 100% Pure Essential Oils. Blending several of these oils create incredible Aroma-Remedy Blends for treating a weakened immune system, emotional upset, as well as, physical illness. You can also find Andrew's unique line of Pulse Point Therapy essential oil blends based on acupuncture points. Locate the essential oil sampler, aromatic Love kits, incense, sacred herbs and aromatic, essential oil candles with intention! Don't forget to read some of Andrew's award winning articles such as <a href="articlesf.htm">Flower Remedies, The Healing Power of Flowers and The Color of Flowers</a>.

The Power of Scent: http://www.peacefulmind.com/aromatherapy.htm

Honoring The Goddess

Mother's Day is a nice time to bring awareness to the "mother energy". Honor your mother or a mother you know. Light a candle to honor a mother who has passed or use simple rituals to bring love and honor to mother earth. Find ways to honor the Goddess

Gifts for Mom: http://www.peacefulmind.com/whatsnew.htm#Crystals

Alternative Remedies

Did you know an apple can regulate blood sugar levels? That garlic is nature's blood thinner? That Losing just 8 lbs can decrease your risk of heart disease, diabetes and muscle and joint pain? Search through hundreds of natural remedies, discover Andrew's best plant-based diet and discover how our belief system has everything to do with how we heal. Get natural tools for healing such as herbs, massage products, unique crystals, essential oil remedies and the best metaphysical products for healing. You can even make an appointment with Andrew!

Get natural remedies: http://www.peacefulmind.com/ailments.htm

Crystals by Zodiac

Astrology has an amazing connection to crystals in the form of our birthstones. Other crystals can be used to complement and assist us in our path to enlightenment Discover which crystals are essential for Aries * Taurus * Gemini * Cancer * Leo * Virgo * Libra * Scorpio * Sagittarius * Capricorn * Aquarius * Pisces

Find healing crystals: http://www.peacefulmind.com/astrology.htm

Seasonal Spring Therapies

Discover the secrets when healing with the Spring season. Each season offers a unique path to better health. There are preventative measures you can take to strengthen your immune system, conquer allergies, derail a cold or flu and fight disease! Get seasonal healing tips for Spring. Search through our seasonal healing for Essential Oils. Prepare yourself and your body with Herbal Medicine. Learn how to Control Anger and Feng Shui Your Life. Find great physical, spiritual and emotional ideas for every Season.

Seasonal remedies: http://www.peacefulmind.com/spring.htm

Acupuncture and Infertility

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. is seeing new patients for acupuncture and herbal medicine in his office in New York City on Wednesdays 9am-8pm.
Get help for: ~gynecological disorders ~ high FSH ~low body temperature ~stress reduction ~no periods ~ better circulation ~side effects from IVF/IUI ~ART assistance ~decreasing natural killer cells ~improving egg quality ~endometriosis ~and much more!
Call for an appointment, space is limited!
917 843 3623

Learn more about acupuncture for fertility: http://www.peacefulmind.com/aboutus.htm

Yoga Therapy

Whether you are new to yoga or one who practices, you will find a host of products, yoga lessons and resources available at Peacefulmind.com. Be sure and visit our three major destinations including yoga therapy, living a yogic lifestyle and ayurvedic medicine. You can take the online yoga class, find our most comprehensive yoga remedies, discover the top 10 reasons why yoga should be in your life and how to eat like a yogi. You can also learn and understand how to determine your dosha, learn about the significant greeting of Namaste and how to do a yogic detox and get Andrew's Yogic Detox Ebook!

Healing with Yoga Therapy: http://www.peacefulmind.com/yoga_therapy.htm

Color and Light Therapies

Learn how the power of light and color can change your life. Each color offers a unique path to better health. There are preventative measures you can take to strengthen your immune system, conquer depression, lift your spirits and brighten your mood! Become a certified Color Therapist. Search through our color healing techniques such as Color Therapy Oils. Heal yourself and your body with the Color Therapy Kits. Discover what our "color choices" mean with our Color Therapy Analysis. Learn how to balance your Chakra with the Complete Chakra Healer Kit and Aura Crystal Cleanse Kit. Loose weight, balance blood sugar, lower cholesterol with the Full Spectrum Diet.

Bring color to your life: http://www.peacefulmind.com/color_therapy.htm

Alternative Care for Back Pain

Back pain effects over 100 million people in the United States each year. Discover source of back pain and the Sources of Relief. Learn how to manage your back pain, find helpful exercises as remdies, when herbal applications can help, and find aromatherapy back relief. Include healing modalities for back pain such as hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage and Trigger Point therapy. There are hundreds of remedies for back pain and ways of delaying with the issue at the root of the problem.

Get relief: http://www.peacefulmind.com/back_pain.htm

Feng Shui Your Garden

Get back on track with this ancient Art of Placement. Find out how to create your Feng Shui Garden. Discover all kinds of feng shui products for your garden. Make room for the true things you love! Use these tools to Find A Cure for problem areas in your garden. Use The Bagua to decode each section in your garden. Find the Feng Shui Pouches to help with your individual needs. Work with the Reiki Grid Sets to complement your healing garden.

Bring order to your life: http://www.peacefulmind.com/feng_shui.htm

The Month of Taurus

Bulls are very practical, consistent, stubborn and habitual. They have a possessive nature, can be indulgent, extremely devoted, and enjoy earthy pleasures. They can be laid back only after their control issues are in check and are often dogmatic by nature. Taurus are resourceful, thorough, dependable, responsible, placid, stable, comfortable, solid, earthy, strong, money-oriented, practical, productive, cautious, musical, and artistic. Get your daily horoscope!

Free daily horoscopes: http://peacefulmind.com/astrology.htm

Types of Exercise

Exercise gives you energy. Study after study supports those words, including one by the National Aeronautics an d Space Administration. More than 200 federal employees were placed on a moderate, regular exercise program...

Get moving now: http://www.peacefulmind.com/exercise.htm

Cosmic Solstice 2012

The Cosmic Solstice 2012 jewelry was designed by one of the foremost crystal conscious Shaman of Ecuador, Dr. Andres Encana. He has captured the energies of these crystals in time to introduce their transformative properties to those who choose to listen.

Beautiful crystal jewelry: http://www.peacefulmind.com/jewelry.htm

Organic Supplements

Powerful Probiotic Anti-Aging Formula* Blueberry Probiotic Complex is designed to provide the antioxidant benefits of organic fermented soy, blueberry, lemon peel, green tea, parsley, ginger, and cumin along with the cell protective and immune supportive action of live beneficial probiotics.

Go organic: http://www.peacefulmind.com/supplements.htm#Blueberry

Candle Magic

Mother candle is a soft and special blend of Orange Blossom, Vanilla and Chamomile.

Candles with intention: http://www.peacefulmind.com/candle_therapy.htm#Seasonal Candles

Additional Links:

Food dictionary resources: http://www.peacefulmind.com/food_dictionary.htm

Medical dictionary resources: http://www.peacefulmind.com/med_dictionary.htm

What's new at Peacefulmind.com: http://www.peacefulmind.com/whatsnew.htm

Andrew's Health Community: http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/AlternativeAnswers

Andrew's Crystal Community: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StonesandCrystals


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