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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Little Tips Diabetes Control


If you have diabetes then you know how important it is to try to keep it under control as best you can. There are many ways to control diabetes, and many things you can do on your own. If you are in any type of medication, must be to have each time you need. Even if you have a steady income, many pharmaceutical companies that can provide medications at no cost to you, and the shapes are quite simple and direct statements.

If you are planning a trip, make sure you plan ahead, and medication for more if necessary. Be sure to bring some type of insulin pen, which does not need refrigeration, and travels well. Make sure you have enough test strips, and make sure the batteries for your surveillance equipment is fully charged, but bring extras from the home if found on an extended stay.

Just because you have this illness does not mean you can not eat in restaurants, but be smart about your food choices. Read the ingredients closely and try to follow low-calorie options. You can have vegetables you want, but if you choose for a salad, make sure you order the dressing on the side, then you can dip the salad instead.

Enjoy your food slowly, and try to take home the leftovers. You can also avoid eating a meal by ordering more than half if possible. Be sure to monitor levels, thirty minutes before eating, and one hour after meals. Also beware that you are eating when they are supposed, because if you are not eating properly, this could lead to more problems later.

Exercise regularly, a good cardiovascular work out can be in simple shapes, such as walking or bicycling. It is important that you get at least thirty minutes of exercise a day, either in a gym or at home. You need to keep your weight and eating a healthy diet to prevent heart disease. Read food labels when shopping in grocery stores, check the calorie content, so the portion sizes are and adhere to these a la carte.

There are many other valuable resources to help you manage your diabetes. You can find many useful tips and information on the Internet, and their doctor. Make sure you talk to your doctor before changing your diet or exercise routine and keep in touch with him about their levels of blood sugar, as well as the number of hemoglobin A1c. This is important in case they need a dose of the medication or adjust in other areas.

You do not have to let diabetes control your life, if you are doing what they do. Be informed about your diabetes, educate yourself and those around you, who may try to tempt you know things are bad for you. One last thing, people with this disease tend to have foot problems due to poor circulation, so you need to check your feet often, as with a mirror after a bath or shower.


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hopefully useful.........

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