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Friday, April 22, 2011

Re: [AlternativeAnswers] Sacred and Spiritual Crystals


someone told me this story:  their mother would divine energy spots using rods, and they would plant a crystal exactly that the place where the rods reacted to the energy.
why did they do this?
she said her mother said...........it helped the energy...but i don't quite get it.  was it to amplify earth grids?  or to cleanse the energy?
can you tell me?

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Good Morning!

Sacred and Spiritual Crystals

The power behind Earth's minerals can be felt the minute you put a crystal in your hands or near your physical body. Crystals are the treasures of the earth. These stones are filled with energy to be utilized. Although all crystals are considered sacred in my eyes, there are several with great symbolism. Some of the best sacred crystals include turquoise, aventurine, bloodstone, chiastolite, amethyst, hematite and fairies' cross.

"Sacred Stones": Turquoise

Modern Spiritualists consider Turquoise to be a stone of spiritual attunement, cleansing, protection and prosperity and a symbol of the Earth and sky, good fortune and success. Native American's see turquoise as one of the most important holy stones in their belief system for protection of the body and soul. The Navajo culture of New Mexico and Arizona utilized Turquoise in their rain ceremonies, which required the tossing of the stone into a river. The Navajo believe that a piece of Turquoise is actually a piece of the sky that has fallen to Earth. Archaeologists have recovered Turquoise from burial sites in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Central America. Having seen the reflection of the new moon in a stone of Turquoise, a person was believed to encounter good luck soon, according to Persian lore. Arabian superstition said it was a lucky stone and that it had good powers of benevolence. As another major source of Turquoise for centuries,
Pre-Columbian America is also rich in Turquoise legend. It is one of the most important holy stones in their belief system for protection of the body and soul. Most Eastern cultures regard Turquoise as a powerful protector and in general, a very lucky stone. The religion of the Hindus said that it could accumulate wealth and Tibetans believe that while turquoise can ensure good fortune, it can also guard one's health, and protect against the evil eye.

"Sacred Stones": Stuarolite: Fairies' Cross

This mineral is a talisman of good luck! Historically, this stone is said to be formed from the tears of fairies or spirit entities when they were brought the news of the death of Christ. This stone is said to provide a connection between the physical, astral and extra-terrestrial planes. It can provide an overpowering "release" in stressful situations and provides support, initiation and incentive in dealing with detrimental habits. Formed in the shape of a cross, this amazing stone is beautiful and powerful on your alter or meditation space, around your neck or in your pocket.

"Sacred Stones": Amethyst

The importance of spiritual awareness is a characteristic known to be brought out and enhanced by amethyst. The acknowledgement of this type of realization is crucial to spiritual healing and meditation. Amethyst also acts as a protector in its reversion of negative energy. It has been said to protect against manipulative situations by helping to provide a more in depth perspective and opening the spirit's eye to higher connectivity with that outside of concrete reason. Not only is amethyst a crucial resource for meditation, it is also a calming and enabling agent in sleep and rest in times of physical and spiritual exhaust. As a healing crystal and in elixir and healing jewelry form, it acts as a balancing and aligning agent for disrupted spiritual energies.

"Sacred Stones": Hematite

The symbol of the Roman God of War, Hematite is a stone of protection, a belief originating from the Roman belief that it could protect and strengthen warriors going into a battle. In modern times, the powers of protection that spiritualists apply to the stone has expanded into the spiritual realm, where they believe Hematite can transform or absorb negativity or evil. It is also a worry stone with excellent emotional grounding properties that calm the mind and clears it of the distractions of stress. In this state, the person is ready for exploration of higher levels of consciousness. With this calming effect, they consider it helpful in meditation leading to astral projection and the communication of love's energy. Further, they say that Hematite is a lawyers' stone that brings positive judgments in legal matters and it is a stone that helps one remain true to his or her inner self. Hematite is associated with the Wicca Sabbats of Imbolc, a celebration
of the approach of Spring and Samhain, which is Halloween, the Wicca New Year.

"Sacred Stones": Aventurine

Spiritualists have long held that Aventurine has the ability to ground the spirit and bring balance to male and female energies. Its capacity to calm a troubled spirit or mind and bring an inner peace make Aventurine a very important stone in the spiritual realm. This stone is known as the "heart soother" and is used on the Heart Chakra.

"Sacred Stones": Chiastolite

The "Cross Stone". This crystal is a variety of Andalusite. It exhibits the axis and angle in a different color from the rest of the crystal forming a natural cross. It is used as a sign of devotion towards awareness and dispels negativity. It signifies both death and re-birth and helps one to understand the realization of immortality. It is used as a bridge for "crossing over". It helps one to assimilate during times of change. It provides insight to answers when problem solving. This powerful crystal balances one's perspective in both creativity and practicality. During illness, it helps to maintain spirituality, lessens fever, balances blood flow, increases secretion of milk in nursing mothers and repairs chromosome damage.

"Sacred Stones": Bloodstone

The martyr stone aptly named, due to the legend of this stone being at the foot of the cross and stained by the drops of blood from Jesus. Metaphysically, bloodstone is used to either promote a calm, tranquil atmosphere that is grounding or revitalize insufficient energy. A great stone for mental exhaustion. This stone represents both courage and strength and is used for achieving these attributes. It is associated with honesty and integrity and is useful in removing obstacles in life. A classic stone for wealth, it attracts abundance and good luck. Most effective on the Heart (green) and Root (red) Chakra.

Andrew Pacholyk, MS. L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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