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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Chasteberry Vitex???(female questions)


I am 43 yo.
I started taking 400mg of chasteberry vitex in a capsule form, 2X a day 3 days ago.
I know this is an herb that is slow to work.
But, I started spotting on Friday and although this is normal for me, usually have pretty bad cramps until I start my period.But this time, I have hardly had any. (I am due for my period in the next few days).
Would the chasteberry vitex be doing this already?

I am hoping the Vitex will stop the spotting and cramping prior to my periods. They come about every 25-27 days and last about 5 days. But I really, really, hate the spotting.(I had a full GYN workup and everything was normal)

Other questions:

Is this safe to take long term? The bottle says to take 2-3 pills a day for 3 months, then one a day.

Could anyone share some positive stories on how Vitex worked for you and your cycles?

Thank you!

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