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Saturday, April 16, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] SIP’s Divine Specials thru April…..:)


Aloha Human God/desses,

I/we anticipate you'll be having a great weekend and that things are
being stepped up for the Springtime. Likewise, for those of you that may
want some ideas, suggestions, clues concerning what to do and where to
go this Summer, then give Andrew Aloha, Myself & I a holler. Below are
some specials you may wish to take advantage of.…..enjoy……:)

1) Get 2 one hour readings for the price of one.

2) For those of you attending "SIP's Golden Age Aloha Tour –
Dallas", buy one ticket now and bring along a family or friend
member "Free".


3) For those of you attending "SIP's Golden Age Aloha Tour –
Dallas", get a half hour "Free" reading with your purchase.



Andrew Aloha

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