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Thursday, April 21, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Workshop on 'Law of attraction in Action' in Delhi


Date – 1st May 2011.
Timings – 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Venue – The Legend Inn - New Delhi, E-4 East Of Kailash,

[*] Why do some people always seem to struggle financially when
others are living in abundance?

[*] Why do some people find their perfect life mate while others
seem to continually repeat bad relationships?

[*] Why do some people seem to happy for no reason while others
seem to miserable all the time?

Business people use the Law of Attraction to create :

· More customers

· Better employees

· Increased revenues

· More productive working environment

People use the Law of Attraction to create :

· More money

· Better relationships

· Improved jobs and careers

· Better health

Our mission is to teach you how to become a deliberate
attractor of all the good things you want and how to stop attracting the
things you don't want.

With our Law of Attraction in Action Course, you can apply the
principles and techniques of the law of attraction integrating tools to
help manage and organize your as well as others life towards goals along
with healing Beliefs and Emotional issues.

Taking a Law of Attraction in Action Workshop and practicing
it is a true investment in yourself and your future. There is no better
way than through an intensive law of attraction workshop to cover all of
the important bases from affirmations, visualizations, meditation,
letting go, and much, much more.

Workshop Content –

Ø History of Law of attraction from Spiritual and Scientific

Ø Understanding Mind and it manifestation powers.

Ø Techniques for Altering Self Image for personal transformation.

Ø `The Work' to tackle your beliefs.

Ø `The Sedona Method' for Letting go process.

Ø Universal Laws guiding Manifestation powers.

Ø Visualization and Other Creative manifestation techniques.

Ø Mental Bank Technique.


Prashanth Puthran

* He has done his MBA from IBS, Mumbai.
* He is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.
* He is a Certified Law of Attraction Trainer.
* He is also a certified 'Basic course on Integrated Clinical
Hypnosis Level - 1' Trainer.
* Pranic Healer.
* Dance Movement Therapist.
* Angel Card Readings and Therapy.
* He has an experience of 7 years in MNCs like Citi, Lehman Brothers
and Nomura.
* He has been conducting Personality development workshops and life
skills training in various corporates and groups.

Call on +917428783557 / +919819148488 for registration…

Workshop Fees – Rs 2,500/-

*Course fees include Course material, Law of Attraction Meditation CD,
Breakfast, Lunch and Refreshments.

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