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Thursday, April 21, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Sri Guru Thakur Ji of Baidyanath Dhaam


Dear Sadhakas and Friends,

As you all know that there are 12 jyotirlingas in India, one of them is in
Baidyanth Dhaam (also know as Babadham). Two years back i went there to meet a
very respectable and renowned person popularly known as 'Sri Guru Thakur Ji'. He
is a very powerful sadhaka (of Para-Vidya) and an excellent healer for spiritual
problems. People from far places of India go there to get spiritual healing for
themselves or for their loved ones.
After one year of continuous touch with him he initiated me and made me a
'purnaabhishek sadhak'.
A brief intro... He had been a govt. professor and taught Sanskrit,Hindi,English
to degree students in Bihar. He is having hundreds of disciples in Baidyanath
dhaam and all over India.

Reason I'm mentioning about my Guru here is to make his presence 'aware' as far
as possible so that people can get benefited by Him in as numerous ways possible
and gain spiritual benefits, and for this we few shishyas have created

I request all of you to NOT consider this mail as some sort of commercial
advertisement. As experienced sadhakas we all know that it is very difficult to
find genuine persons who can 'actually' lead us to enlightenment and fulfill our
spiritual quest.

And if even a single person is benefited by my Guruji I will consider this as my

As Vivekananda said whatever good is there is because of my Guru and whatever
fault or wrongs are there its because of me.


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