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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Celebrating Earth Week: Environment and Your Health


Good Morning!

Celebrating Earth Week: Environment and Your Health

Much awareness has been brought to environmental issues this year in particular.
Wether it has to do with the fact that it is an election year or that people are
really sitting up and taking notice... it is hard to know. What is important
that the issues are being brought to the forefront where they can be addressed.

With all the excitement about going green, big corporations are finally jumping
on the band wagon. Al Gore's movie 'An Inconvenient Truth' has made the masses
more aware of global warming and that has been another milestone in the fight
for a greener planet.

The excessive abuse of our environment plays an intergral part in how we live
our lives and ultimately a major factor in determining our own health and
healing. Environmental issues such as worldwide pollution, the garbage disposal
and landfills, and the toxic waste seeping into the ground and our water supply,
have become staggering statistics.

Along with polluting our air and warming our climate, the exploration,
extraction, and use of fossil fuels can cause incredible damage to water and
land resources. Oil spills destroy plant and animal life, and leave waterways
and their surrounding shores uninhabitable for long periods of time. In
addition, strip mining for coal deposits devastates landscapes by reducing
mountaintops and filling-in valleys and streams.

Polluting The Temple

The temple, our physical body, is the only thing we have to carry the soul. When
our physical bodies are not in proper working order, everything around us
ultimately suffers. Our good health is all we have that stands between us and
the aging process. The more our air, food and water are taxed and altered, our
body has to work harder to cleanse itself. The longer we keep our physical body
in optimum health, the longer we have our temple to keep our soul on this plane.
Detoxification is the best way to keep the body at its most ultimate working

Symptoms such as frequent or reoccurring colds, feeling heavy, sluggish or
tired, poor skin, acne or other related skin problems, allergies, a thick,
coated tongue, bad breath, headache, and feelings of gas and being bloated after
meals may indicate problems in the body's functionality and it's ability to
process, digest and excrete properly. These vague symptoms that are often
overlooked tend to be the results of a congested and sluggish body system.

Exposure or toxicity to food additives, solvents, pesticides, herbicides and
other toxic chemicals can cause a number of psychological and neurological
symptoms. Toxins produced by bacteria in the gut can be absorbed, causing
significant disruption of body functions. Toxins that the body are unable to
eliminate build up in the tissues, typically in our fat stores.

Man-made electromagnetic fields bombard us constantly on a daily basis.
Computers, microwaves, X Ray machines, TV, cell phones and antennas are just a
few of the low and high frequency electromagnetic fields the continue to assult
us as our population grows and the need to advance technology at the speed of
light increases.

For a list of organization and ways you can help yourself and others, please visit: http://www.peacefulmind.com/environment.htm

Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac
Therapies for healing
mind, body, spirit

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