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Saturday, April 23, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] vitiligo treatment,vitiligo,vitiligo cure


Vitiligo is a skin disease, arises due to depigmentation in skin.
Symptoms of vitiligo:
* - White spots or patches on skin. * - Change in hairs color.
* - Eye retina is affected.

Oral psoralen therapy
Oral psoralen therapy is known as domestic remedy for the treatment of
vitiligo <http://www.dermarid.com/> . It is applied through a psoralea
corylifolia. Many people soak the plant in water, and drink it in
morning. With the combination of sun rays or sun exposure this treatment
is very effective to get recovery from the vitiligo. Through surgical
applications, physician recommends to take psoralen drug before the
treatment, as psoralen helps to increase the skin sensitivity of
vitiligo patient. On a domestic surface, it is recommend not to use
psoralen (a seed of psoralea corylifolia), by self, because it is very
potent substance and should not be used without the advise of doctor.

PUVA Treatment
Photochemotherapy or PUVA is an acronym where "P" stands for "Psoralen"
and "UVA" stands for long wavelength UV light. It is formulated by the
use of UVA bulbs, where UV is the tanning rays using in tanning salons.
Before the UV treatment, physician gives some drugs to patient like
psoralen approved by FDA, to the skin. This can increase the skin
sensitivity of a person to face the light.

Topical psoralen therapy
Alternative to take (orally) psoralen, psoralen can be taken in the form
of topical applications (creams, lotions, etc). By applying such
steroids on target skin affected area, it works effectively. Anti
vitiligo oil is very popular as it takes psoralea corylifolia
ingredient, to treat vitiligo skin condition. It is an herbal product,
producing from natural herbs, free from chemicals, with no side effects,
and suitable for every type (including sensitive) skin.

Ayurvedic Treatment
Many people has been indulge in this disease, due to the deficiency of
nutritional factors like magnesium, calcium, protein, calcium, vitamins,
phosphorous etc. The Ayurvedic treatment gives much importance to take a
balanced diet along with medicines. Many physicians in this treatment
recommend using babchi oil to get recovery or cure from the disease.

UVB and Psoralen Treatment
In Photochemotherapy or light therapy Psoralen drug along with UVB
shorter wave length (315-280nm) is used, in order to re-produce
pigmentary cells in skin.

Homeopathic Treatment
Homeopathic treatment is most admired treatment considered now days,
because of usage of natural products, producing from natural sources,
free from chemicals, suitable for every skin with no side effects.
Vitiligo oil is very popular to treat vitiligo due to the herbal
ingredients like Coconut oil, Psoralea corylifolia, Black Cumin etc it
is treated as a exceptional product for the Vitiligo patients.

Topical Applications
Market is full of topical applications, creams or lotions that can help
a patient to treat the vitiligo disease. These topical applications are
applied on skin vitiligo affected areas.

Topical Oxsoralen or Spot Treatment
Oxsoralen is highly phototoxic. So it should be used if physician
recommends, and it is only applicable on small spots.

Autologous skin grafts
In this treatment physician takes pigment containing cells from any area
of body and with the help of surgical applications, transfer it to those
parts of body, which have no or less pigment cells. There are more side
effects of this treatment as respect to successful results.

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