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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Basic Course on Integrated Clinical Hypnosis 16th - 17th April 2011


Discover the Power of Subconscious Mind through Hypnosis through
Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy being conducted by California Hypnosis
Institute of India (CHII) first and only professional Institute in India
to offer an integrated approach to Clinical Hypnotherapy.

HTDC announces Certified courses by the California Hypnosis Institute
of India, the first ISO 9001 -2008 certified Clinical Hypnosis
Institute of India and Only recognized School by International Medical
and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (USA).

Certification "Master Hypnotist" 16th Apr - 17th Apr 2011

Timings: 8:30 AM – 7:30 PM (Includes Breakfast + Lunch & High Tea
and Biscuits)

Venue: Andheri


• Brief History of Hypnosis

(Deals with clarification of myths and applications of a well researched
science call HYPNOSIS)

• History and Development of the Human Mind

(Deals with patterns of how primitive human lived based upon instinctual
behavior and with changing times how modern human has become analytical
and logical in terms of his thinking and how it results in challenging
situations in LIFE!)

• The Theory of Mind

(A great concept to understand how our mind operates in our day to day
life, based upon the experiences that it has gathered right from the
time of our birth and beyond)

• How to create the Hypnotic State

(Learning various methods of induction for deep relaxation and hyper

• Dream Interpretation

(How in our sleep state our subconscious mind communicates or gives
indication by showing different visuals)

• The Theory of Suggestibility

(Learning how to communicate with individuals with different outlooks
and behavioral traits towards self and towards the environment you dwell
in to)

• The Laws of Suggestibility

(Dealing with individuals and wording your conversation for desired
response in the area of career, relationship and life performance)

• How to Conduct a Hypnosis Session

(Learn how to help others around you to experience and make a difference
in their day to day life)

• Deepening Techniques

(experience deep relaxed state to sow the seeds of positive thoughts and
experience the power of the sub-conscious)

• Wording of Effective Suggestions

(Formulating speech and suggestions based upon personality specifics.
Learn to convert the constant negative self talk in to simple positive
suggestions which you can formulate for SELF and others to create the
desired reality around you)

• Post-Hypnotic Suggestion for Re-Hypnosis

• Awakening Techniques Self Hypnosis

(Learning the technique to improve the self as well as training your
client to bring about behavioral changes and successfully develop basic


• Will be able to replace negative and limiting thought
patterns in life, with positive SELF TALK by learning to formulate
positive statements for Self Improvement.

• Learn to communicate with individuals based upon their
specific understanding to interpret spoken suggestions based upon their

• Will be able to develop a confident & dynamic personality
and will be able to communicate effectively based upon the efforts put
using specific techniques shared during the course!

• Will learn Self- Hypnosis and will be able to bring about
changes in your personality without dependency on any one. Will also
learn to formulate positive suggestions for the self.

• Individuals who want to make a career in counselling and
therapy field, will be able to take the first step towards a successful
career option as a Hypnotherapist.

• Understanding the difference between the eastern hypnosis
and western hypnosis and learn to deal with the myths about hypnosis.

• Will learn to hypnotize a willing individual in the area of
SELF Development.


Namrata S. Kandoi

• Co-founder of Holistic Training and Development Centre

• Clinical Psychologist and Certified Trainer &
Practitioner of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy

• Corporate Soft Skills & Behavioural Trainer

• Reiki Master

Prashanth Puthran

• Co-founder of Holistic Training and Development Centre

• Certified Trainer & Practitioner of Integrated Clinical

• Certified Law of Attraction Trainer

• Corporate Soft Skills & Behavioural Trainer

• Pranic Healer

• Dance Movement Therapist

Website: www.htdc.co.in <http://www.htdc.co.in/>


To confirm your seat- Call on +919819148488 and get yourself

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