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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] SOS how to diffuse Concord Grape Essence? (bloody lungs geriatric)


At risk of tracheotomy being applied to my mom very soon, where can I find Concord Grape Essence at RETAIL?

All I see is Alibaba & elsewhere in Bulk.

I don't want fake junk, rather the real thing.

She's VERY geriatric - so I'm desperate!
Her lungs are bloody fluid (from pneumonia)

I read 2 articles re: Grape actually regenerating peoples' lungs.
These 2 stories took place in both last century & this century.
(one involved prolonged inhalation of Tokay Vineyards, the other involved application of fresh-squeezed grapes at site of bleeding. Each time, the doctors exclaimed "miracle", as if the Laws Of Nature itself aren't miraculous.

Thus, this S.O.S.
Can someone please help? Thanks.

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