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Sunday, August 26, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: wieght loss


Hi Dianna,

You are quite correct. Your unconscious mind controls your weight much
more than your diet, and allergies are a huge factor. In 2004, I invented
an inexpensive alternate to Neurofeedback, and one of the things that
happened to people that were overweight was that they lost 5 pounds a

I took over a year to go from 270 down to 195, In my case, I knew that a
wheat allergy kept me overweight as I had tested my allergies. (I also
lost allergies to peanuts, soy, and ragweed (hay fever).

As a psychologist, I had used hypnosis in my practice for weight loss, but
had only a 60+% success rate. So, I tried combining my hypnosis techniques
with my Neuroliminal Training, and tried it on 6 volunteers in 2009.
Surprise - all six lost exactly 5 pounds per month.

Most lost it after the first month, 2 started after 2 months, and one took
4 months to start losing weight, but in the interim, she lost insomnia and
depression, so her unconscious mind had another priority. My wife lost
enough to start wearing bikinis at 64 years old - and she could.

For more info go to:

For the simple hypnotic relaxation audio go to:

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