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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Re: Itchy skin -- consider body-mind-emotions connection


The skin/mind is very true. I had some emotions that caused my skin
to.... well....

I looked like a burn victim. I was told I had the worst psoraises case
ever seen, I was told I had Stephen Johnsons, doctors still don't know
what I had. Doctors had told me I was going to die.

I still have it, but I am 97% better.

One of the things I did to get better was to forgive my ex-husband for
years of abuse and neglect that left me scarred and my kids scarred for
life. I also had to forgive my father for molesting me when I was a kid.
His actions led me to make bad decisions for a long time. I had to
forgive my brother for forgetting that he had a sister, and I had to
forgive the man that I thought I was going to marry that told me I was
not 'pure' enough. I had to forgive my neighbor who raped me and got me
pregnant [my son is 21 now].Stupid huh? There's more than that but you
get the point.

Then I had to work on forgiving myself. That was the hardest.

I began to realize I had a TOXIC OVERLOAD of negative emotions. I read
the book 'Deadly Emotions' by Don Colbert, along with other books. I
began to release people and I began to release ME [it took 8 years, but
I had lot of pain].

And my body began to heal. One thing I regret is that when I was 'sick'
in the mind, I had children living at home. They saw me go through this
whole process. And I regret that. I began to heal myself by telling me
that my children needed me, and they did not need me sick bodily or sick
in the head.

So I began to let stuff go. I also let ME go. And my body [skin] began
to heal.

Something for you to think about.

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