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Friday, November 25, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] I Am The Happiest Man Alive This Thanksgiving! How About You?


Dear World:

I Am The Happiest Man Alive This Thanksgiving! How About You? I Hope You Are All Having A Blessed Holiday! And Are Almost As Happy As I Am! There Is So Much For Us All To Be Thankful For!

I state the above in honesty and without any doubt whatsoever.

And I state it ***Despite The Fact*** that "they tried to sicken and/or kill me again" last night (actually early Thanksgiving morning between 3 AM and 7 AM or so) using some sort of high tech beam device (microwave, EMF, or some such).

It so turned out that the large metal objects in my room greatly increased the Intensity of Effect of whatever "they" (most probably the Mafia) were using against me. Once I figured this out, I simply removed all of the large metal objects in my room. And then I went peacefully to bed at about 7:30 AM.

During the four hours or so it took me to figure the above out, I was not under the influence of whatever they were using on me that much – perhaps an hour or so.

All I had to do to avoid problems or feeling sick was to simply "get up". By "get up" I mean get out of my chair, leave my room, and go out into the hallway, the kitchen, or other areas of the house I live in. I'd then spend ten to twenty minutes hanging out somewhere on my floor, but not in my room. In doing so, I immediately felt fine (OK).

Then I would go back in my room and "immediately get sick again" in an odd but rather obvious way.

My brain could hardly compose a sentence within a minute or two of sitting in my office chair in my room, but it could think well when I was in other areas of the house.

Doing this "back and forth" routine in and out of my room over a period of a few hours time rather quickly granted me some clarity to my "unusual situation".

When this device was on, I could also definitely sense some vibration through my feet as they touched the floor.

I also had 228 new Registry errors last night; another unusually high count that was picked up in less than a day. (I have used cut and paste to delineate these errors at the end of what I am writing here.)

Whatever was used against me was VERY Powerful. It sure made me feel real weird, and it sure made me feel real dumb (as I could not think under the beam's influence). This beam device seemed directed RIGHT AT THE SAME CHAIR I NORMALLY USE EVERY NIGHT.

Black Ops killing or "sickening" devices. What will Big Pharma/the Mafia throw at me next?

I sailed through this last attempt on my life without any substantial difficulty or strain. Not even for a moment did I panic or freak out.


If I did make such a call, I am almost certain I would have ended up dead.

The Mafia has corrupted any and every law enforcement Agency my 911 call would reach, TO INCLUDE THE UTICA POLICE DEPARTMENT, THE NYS STATE POLICE, THE LOCAL FBI OFFICE, AND THE ONEIDA COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE. Or perhaps the Mafia might have rerouted my 911 call, and "False Cops" dressed up as real ones would have showed up.

As a result of what happened to me in Phoenix this past April, if I dialed 911 last night, I would now be dead. (I am almost 100% certain of this.)


Let us talk about the positive for a minute.

I Am The Happiest Man Alive This Thanksgiving!

I am right on the verge of fulfilling some of my goals, or so I sure think.

I have So Much to be Thankful For! That's no s h i t.

Thank God my Mother and my Father both gave me Genius genes at birth (such that I could figure the above out.

And Thank God my Mother and my Father Art and Marion Darman taught me Morality, Courage, and Heart.

When I began this post at about 8:30 PM or so I had yet too feel this beam machine since last night.

It is now about 9 PM. This device was just switched on again, and I can feel it.

Don't worry… as I will most probably find a way to duck this device again.

It is now 12:15 AM on the 25th. After being off for a few hours, this device is on again, and I can feel it while I type this.

Let us see what the rest of the night brings.

Allen Darman

Website: http://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/

Address of this blog: http://nutrientscure.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/dear-world-i-am-the-happiest-man-alive-this-thanksgiving-how-about-you-i-hope-you-are-all-having-a-blessed-holiday-and-are-almost-as-happy-as-i-am-there-is-so-much-for-us-all-to-be-thankful-for/


228 Registry Error List coming soon…

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