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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Keep body strong like a rock.....live happily with a single solution..


>Lets look in to a different section today...
>        All of you know that to become Muscular what we need to do?
....simple answer is just work out in GYM for hours you will become a
body builder soon. Great answer...but If a person who is looks normal
can compete the Body builder.Answer is yes...he can.Rather than show
Muscled body internal Stamina is also very important.
>       There is a food item which was used in India extesively...is
'Til'= Sesame...these seeds used for oil..even in Ancient books also the
oil means 'taile' ..the name it self derives that the oil extracted
from oil. Now a days people started using different oils.
>       In INDIA 100 years before rather than using extracted oil from
Til...some people in food they used to extract directly with Hand to
consume in food. Unless the muscles and nerves are very strong even at
figures they cannot do that.Read More....

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