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Saturday, November 19, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's Weekly Newsletter - 11/18 - Diabetes

*My Personal Diabetes **Research & **Experiments*

Two years ago or so I switched from Metformin to direct insulin. Metformin
is the diabetes drug for Type II diabetes - one pill with each meal or so)
I found that using this med damages the liver (as so many of Big Pharma's
drugs do). So I switched to insulin, using basically only the 24 hour type
once a day at bedtime.

The amount gradually increased until a year ago, the amount I was taking,
was around 24 to 28 units. At that time, I started to use my latest
Neuroliminal Training (NT) CD - A new addition called "Special. By
December, my insulin input had dropped to 12-15 units daily, and I added
2-5 units of plain insulin if the level was above 200 at the bedtime
measurement. In July of this year, (2011) my insulin level had crept up to
about 20 units overall.

Around this time, I started to hear about Alkaline water, and that it could
"cure" diabetes. Three or four suppliers or their reps contacted me, and I
got several purported research studies. All seemed to be MLM schemes
designed to sell the product at high prices.

For many years I have been familiar with pH values, and I knew that if a
person drank lemonade (usually acidic, after a time, the mouth and the body
seems to become alkaline. (So far, I haven't found out exactly why - I
suspect that it is using calcium (High pH) to do so.)

Recently, I ran across one that sells a product that is labeled only
"sodium" and "water". That's only salt water. But, there's more as it
seems that the sodium has been irradiated by cesium - a radio active
molecule. It has been called a fraud, but some very good scientists have
investigated it, and have mixed opinions. If anyone on this list has had
personal experience, please email me.

So, I decided to just try to alkalize the water that I get from my RO
(reverse osmosis) filter which is slightly pH negative. To one gallon of
this water, I add one half teaspoon of sea salt. Surprise, the water
tastes better, and I went hypoglycemic overnight, and had to cut down on my
insulin again. So, alkaline water with a higher H reading is "better" for
lowering glucose. I don't know about those high priced schemes as yet, but
I still have an open mind, and will be doing more testing.

Next, I bought a cheap bottle of Dolomite powder at the nearby health food
store, and added another half teaspoon per gallon. A lot more research has
to be done on this, but it can do no harm as it is just the limestone
chemicals that make water hard. Hard water is somewhat more healthy than
soft for drinking. Surprise, hypoglycemia again, and lowering of my
current insulin. However, this "improvement" doesn't seem to last, and
could be a fluke.

Conclusion, by making the water you drink more alkaline, more insulin is
produced, (or less is needed) to control glucose. There is also an "old
wives tale" that if you drink 3 glasses of water on an empty stomach for a
few weeks, you may cure diabetes. (I'm going to try that next, as "old
wives" (witches) knew more than most.)

There is also some information to the effect that the more water you drink,
the better glucose control and less insulin is needed. It seems that if
you drink 4 glasses on an empty stomach for a few weeks, it may even "cure"
diabetes. I'm going to try that next.

Next, I added 4 grams of Cinnamon (taking that at the same times as my 4
grams of ascorbic acid - with morning and evening meals). It seems to
keep my glucose level nearer 150 at the evening measurement. I am now
taking 10-15 units or even less, depending on my food intake that day..

So, I can say definitely that the addition of sea salt (or Himalayan salt)
plus the added cinnamon definitely will help diabetic persons either Type 1
or Type 2. Please be cautious, add slowly, as hypoglycemia can be

There are several theories about what causes diabetes. First, there is
"High Fructose Corn Syrup", which many people consider a real enemy
(Including me). It's in virtually anything that is "sweet, and it's much
more harmful than plain sugar, I now believe. (More people are believing
it, as there is now national advertising that says it and plain cane sugar
are the same, but they aren't. More lies from Big Food.

There's also a theory that is becoming more popular that plastic in contact
with any food is THE major cause of diabetes. Lately, I've started to
learn a little about "parabens" that are in all plastics, and it seems they
can migrate into food packed in the plastic and then into our bodies.
There, they somehow seem to fit or "force" a fit with hormone receptors,
and this can do a lot of "bad" things, including diabetes, and these
chemicals are banned in many countries as known carcinogens, *but not in
the USA*. That's the reason why Johnson & Johnson (or Johnson and Toxin as
Emily Patterson named them makes 5 different Baby Shampoo formulas.
China and Japan are getting a formula that is much less carcinogenic that
we get in the US. Does J & T really want to promote cancer to sell more of
their cancer drugs? Some think so.

Here's some research on "parabens". The EPA is very concerned about the
antimicrobial preservatives called parabens (alkyl-p-hydroxybenzoates).
(As usual, the FDA, under the control of Big Pharma doesn't care.)
Parabens are ubiquitous -- found in cosmetics, skin creams, sunscreen
lotions, shampoos -- even pet food. The EPA states that all parabens --
methyl, propyl, butyl -- have been proven to have endocrine-disrupting
effects. They are particularly concerned about the hormone-disrupting
effects of nonoxynol (nonyl phenol) found in hair colorings, shampoos, and
spermicides, and sunscreen chemicals such as benzophenone [oxybenzone] and
methoxycinnamate. It is very disturbing to learn that many of these
chemicals can be found in personal care products that claim to be "natural"
and "organic." We feel that some companies who pretend to be natural and
organic are among the worst of the environmental hypocrites. (J & J?)

What is an endocrine disruptor? Endocrine disruptors are chemical
substances, primarily man-made synthetics, that interfere with the function
of the endocrine system. These synthetics may be derived from petroleum or
vegetable sources and are created in environmentally unfriendly industrial
processes using toxic catalysts and reagents. These chemicals mimic, block
or disrupt the actions of human (and animal) hormones and, unexpectedly, do
more damage at low levels of exposure than at high levels. These chemicals
can also work in sinister yet subtle ways by disrupting the body's ability
to produce adequate quantities of hormones or by interfering with the
body's hormonal pathways. One single chemical can affect many parts of the
endocrine system. Often minute amounts of several of these environmental
hormone chemicals can combine to create effects thousands of times more
potent than a single chemical.

The endocrine system regulates every function of the body. It consists of
the thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands, the pancreas, the ovaries and
the testes, all linked to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus
is like the mainframe computer of the body, sending signals to the glands
that provide the instructions for creating hormones, which are the natural
chemical messengers that tell your cells what to do. The various endocrine
glands send the messenger chemicals via the bloodstream to different parts
of the body where they bind to specific receptors that control all cellular
functions. One messenger hormone, estrogen, is secreted by the ovaries and
plays a major part in the regulation of menstruation, fertility, pregnancy,
and fat cell activity.
I think that I am going to start finding alternate safe ways to wrap my
food in other than ziplocks and other plastic containers. The plastic
contamination of the planet is growing in the ever growing search for
profits at our expense.

In the digest following, there is a Mercola article on how to store food
without plastic contamination.
*From Natural News:*
Breast cancer screening MRIs have no medical benefit, study reveals


FDA violates law by refusing to ban antibiotics from use in animal feed


Vitamin C may be effective treatment for heart failure

(And, I'm a quack for taking 4000mg of ascorbic acid C daily?)

Subway nutrition information - it may not be as healthy as you think


Study: Exposure to common air fresheners can cause allergies, asthma


Antibiotics can lead to crippling side effects and mental disorders


The CDC betrays the public


CDC admits not a single person has died from consuming raw milk products in
11 years


Feeding GMO soy to prisoners may be "cruel and unusual punishment

*From Dr Mercola:*
Beware of These Organic Brands


Are You a Victim of This Nearly One Trillion Dollar Scam?


What Every Parent Must Know: This Occurs Before the Age of 6


Experts Warn: This Popular Vitamin can Trigger Cancer


The "Antioxidant Superstar" Chinese People Eat Daily


Are You Eating This All-Time Favorite "Cancer-in-a-Can" Snack?


Practical Options to Store Your Food without Contaminating Them With


Are You Using This Popular But Cancer-Causing Shampoo?


(Where has Mercola been for the last year? Emily Patterson-
www.Sunflowernaturals.com <http://www.sunflowernaturals.com/> has the
complete story including law suits and other details of J & J 's perfidy.)

Could Eating This Popular "Health" Food Lead to Celibacy?


The Simple Test Which May Help Prevent Autism

*From Alliance for Natural Health:*
ADA Claims We're Lying. So Why Can't They Rebut a Single Thing We Said?


A New NDI Bill: It's a Step in the Right Direction, but There's Still a
Long Way to Go

There's a new digest from Shyamal Mazumder

*From Emily Patterson *(Sunflowernaturals.com)
Major Media Coverage of Johnson & Johnson Boycott of Cancerous Baby
Shampoo and other products.

(This is shocking that the baby shampoo (and other products we all grew up
with) is loaded with several cancerous chemicals, that are well known to J
& J. Ms Patterson offered them a way out of this mess months ago, but they
thought they could get away with it, and now they've lost bigtime.)
Their president gets over 20 megabucks to make these stupid decisions?
*From Huffington Post:*
Autism Linked With Too Many Brain Cells, Study Finds


I can't let some shocking non health news go by without commenting - Did
you know that many millionaires are now "demanding" that Congress start
taxing them by revoking the Bush lowered tax rates. Even a few
Republicans! Millionaires with a conscience - Now that's news. 44% of
Congress are millionaires, but they've done nothing. Now maybe they'll
stop being so selfish, and solve our debt problems.

That's it for this week. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Please forward this
newsletter on to friends and relatives who might get some benefit from it.

Phil Bate PhD - Inventor of NT Therapy
NT Solves ADD-Autism, Depression, and more
http://drbate.com - philbatephd@gmail.com
* *

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