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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[AlternativeAnswers] Fw: WORLD ANTI-VACCINATION DAY WAVD - 11/11/11 - pdf


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WAVD - 11/11/11 - pdf


Hello my friend!

Greetings and Blessings

Please see attached pdf file - Please share with all your family and friends

Please forward to all your contacts

Many thanks

Kind regards





W.A.V.D. is on November 11th every year, and is a focal point for all anti-vaccination campaigners, concerned parents, and individuals, globally, to organise local and national events in order to raise awareness and to educate the public, along with their own family and friends.

Therefore, our individual, but synchronised, actions on this day will, without doubt, have a greater impact than just occasional uncoordinated events.

Everyone can do something to mark November 11th, however small or large.

We hope you can arrange something yourself on 11th November for this event – locally or nationally - Anything to educate, inspire, and create awareness.

Vaccines are TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE, damage the immune and nervous systems, are not vegetarian, and create many mental and physical diseases.

Please help to protect babies, children and animals from the drugs industry which profits from their suffering. The ingredients mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, etc, are all highly toxic and do not protect. Refuse all vaccines. They are not designed to protect. Whatever your country, you have natural, moral, and legal rights, and you have choice. Existing human rights laws need enforcing through public pressure. DEMAND your rights! Damaging a child's health or causing death, in the name of profit, is illegal. We have a duty and responsibility to our children to become informed. People must overcome the bias, guilt, fear, ego and selfishness, which often block them from accepting the shocking truth. Don't vaccinate.

W.A.V.D. was started in USA in 2010, and will be celebrated globally. Please ensure this very important event's success by adding it to your diary and sharing all this information with all your contacts as soon as possible. W.A.V.D. provides everyone with a great opportunity to speak the truth en masse and prevent deaths and serious damage to babies' and children's mental, emotional and physical health. The time for truth is NOW!

Please give us some feedback as to what you will be arranging, no matter how large or small, in order to give others ideas and encouragement, and to publicise your event.
As long as we do something to mark this important event on 11/11/11.

Thank you for your valuable help and support.

Be a part of the global awakening



First, remove the cause.

Beau Carrel; 11/11/11

It is the fundamental responsibility of every man; woman and child to work hard to realise their optimum physical, mental and spiritual potential in order to fully enact their true purpose in life, and where possible help others too.

It is a Karmic crime to do anything which would impede or interfere with this precious and essential process, either to ones self, to others, or by allowing others to do so to you, your kin, or your spiritual brothers and sisters

Vaccinations, drugs, toxic food and water can and do kill. They cause every manner of physical and mental disease at many coarse and subtle levels. These unnecessary handicapping iatrogenic diseases seriously impede physical, emotional and spiritual development, thereby suppressing our ability to fulfil our predestined role in life. This important role of self development, which will also improve the well being of our world, is our true reson d'ĂȘtre. In short, these deliberate intoxications place an individual into the lowest tier of any class system, bringing a lifelong curse of impotence upon them.

It is criminal to misuse huge sums of money by manufacturing and administrating toxic vaccines and drugs to generations of innocent children, when this money could be used more effectively to remove the causes of an ever growing list of health problems, whilst at the same time permanently and drastically improving the quality of life for billions.

By investing this money instead into everyone's life in a manner which brings about supreme health to the individual, and the planet, through organic farming, perfect nutrition, natural medicine, pure water supplies, good sanitation and housing, and a healthy lifestyle, the long term health of the individual and the planet would be assured, but not so for the financial health of these selfish irresponsible industries and their front line suppliers.

Spiralling levels of new vaccines and drugs are being mass produced and poorly tested by the pharmaceutical industry every year for the tax funded public health service to use in a vain attempt to cure the nation's ills. This health service is also responsible for combating the effects of vaccine damage and iatrogenic disease (disease caused by drugs). Herein lays the real sickness in society today: two businesses "feeding and feeding off of each other".

This perverse scenario maintains the highly profitable rapidly growing vicious circle of Vaccines = disease = drugs = iatrogenic disease = drugs = iatrogenic disease = chronic health problems = hospital = more drugs and nursing = Billions of Dollars.

Hundreds of new diseases are being "discovered" annually. Thus, as the toxins in vaccines and drugs, food, air and water change so will the nature of the diseases that they cause, change; truly, a very clever never-ending circular story of;

"Vaccination & Drugs: - the Medicine of Mammon"
Hippocratic Oath - First, do no harm.

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