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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Thank you for your interest in Computer Help and Discussion. In order to maintain list quality, we ask you to please respond to a few questions. If we do not receive your response, your membership will not be approved. If you are joining with the purpose of spamming the list, you will be removed and banned from the list.

One of the requirements for membership in Computer Help and Discussion is a Yahoo ID. If you do not have a Yahoo ID, go to Yahoo's website and create an ID. Please provide your Yahoo Id on this survey.

To return this survey, please hit your reply button and type answers

This is a text only document, you cannot 'click to select', you must type the answers.

Returning the survey without answering the questions will result in membership denied.

1 What is your Yahoo ID?

2. Please tell us why you want to join Computer Help and Discussion.

[ ] You are a new computer user and want to learn more about your computer.
[ ] You are having problems with Windows and need assistance.
[ ] You need help with virus/spyware issues.
[ ] You want to assist other users with problems.
[ ] Other, please explain.

3. What are you hoping to gain by participating in the list?

[ ] Learn how to use my computer
[ ] Computer tips and techniques
[ ] Share my knowledge w/ others
[ ] Other

4. Please indicate your level of experience.

[ ] I am a new computer user.
[ ] I only use a computer for email and web surfing.
[ ] I have average computer skills.
[ ] I consider myself an expert user.

5. How did you find out about this list?

[ ] Search Engine
[ ] Yahoo! Groups site
[ ] Friend/recommendation
[ ] Other (Please Specify)

Computer Help and Discussion Owners/Moderators

**If we do not hear from you within 48 hours your application
will be rejected! Your will have to re apply with the information.
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