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Friday, November 2, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Peacefulmind.com Wellness Newsletter November


Peacefulmind.com Wellness Newsletter November

Peacefulmind.com Semi Annual Sale

Twice a year we are happy to feature our semi-annual sale each July and
November! November 1st until November 20th, order all your favorite
Peacefulmind.com products and get 15% OFF! At check out, use code SPEC15 in the
coupon box. Your discount will show on your order immediately! It is that

Find all our goodies here...

The Gratitude Project

Expression of gratitude gives you a greater sense of purpose in life. Those who
reflect a grateful attitude are less depressed, less stressed and realize all
the good things that keep coming their way. This is the Law of Gratitude or the
Law of Cause and Effect. Your thoughts are the Cause and reality the Effect.
If you want to change your reality, you must change your thoughts.
The principle of thought creation is the expression of sheer gratitude.
Gratitude attracts the same gesture of gratitude, which always comes back to
you. It is truly up to you to pay attention.
Make The Gratitude Project apart of your life.

The Gratitude Project http://www.peacefulmind.com/featured_articles.htm

Prosperity: Steps To Transformation

Prosperity is the state of flourishing, thriving, success, or good fortune.
Prosperity often encompasses wealth but, it is not just about money! Prosperity
encompasses those things which give us abundance, gratitude, appreciation,
peace, happiness and health. Prosperity is your right and reward. Discover how
to achieve prosperity and what it takes to change your life! Learn more about
the metaphysics of prosperity and how to keep a gratitude journal. To recognize
your prosperity, consider such tools as feng shui, which give us encouragement
to be prosperous, visualization, which "envisions" our prosperous journey,
Chakra tuning, which work on both our emotional and physical levels as well as,
crystals, which make us more aware of our prosperity.

Take steps today!

Yoga Jewelry: The Art of Adornment

Steeped in the yogic mind set and practiced through tantric traditions, stones,
crystals, seeds and precious metals can be worn as jewelry to help in
maintaining balance, focus, centeredness, mental clarity as well as, physical
and emotional stability. Yoga-inspired jewelry is created for a purpose. Whether
it is used to evoke a sensual mood, create undeniable calm or stimulate energy,
jewelry can be used to balance the three dosha, increase physical energy and
bring emotional well being.

Find inspiration...

Healing Ebook Collection

Whether you want to learn crystal healing, lose weight, find a unique detox plan
or transform your health, you can get the best treatment with Andrew's
breakthrough Ebooks! Consider these fascinating ebooks such as Weight Loss With
Energy Medicine. Learn all the basics of crystal healing with Gem Therapy or
experience a wonderful detox program with yoga, daily mantras and cleansing diet
through the Yoga Detox Plan. Find other exciting ebooks on healing along with a
great array of mind, body, spirit awareness courses.

Free gifts with download!

Medicine Rocks: History of Hot Stones

This is an age old therapy dating back 5000 years to India and most certainly
even the Mayan culture. Stone Massage Therapy came from the healers using rocks
from the river beds and warming them either in hot coals or hot water. By
placing the hot stones on cloth on the body and arranging them along the energy
centers of the body, a healing process would occur. Learn more about Hot Stone
Therapy and see how we have added a new spin to this age old healing process!
Also, get certified as a HotStone Therapist!

Get stones!

Mounting Stress

Are you ready for the holidays? Stress in our lives usually has a known cause. A
certain amount of stress is normal and helps improve our performance and allows
people to avoid dangerous situations. Stress related symptoms can be brought on
by many factors. In fact, stress is often the most prevalent, underlying factor
of all disease. Especially during the holidays, stress can be even more
prevalent due to the pressures put upon us by the demands of the season! Learn
how to cope with holiday stress and how you can turn the pressure into a joyful,
stress-free season!

Learn to de-stress now!

Colds and Flu

The change of season ushers in a greater chance for colds, flu or influenza.
Most natural health practitioners agree that prevention is key. There are two
ways to boost your immune system and this is through support and stimulation.
Keep your immune system strong. Get good quality sleep, choose to eat nutritious
food and stay strong with moderate exercise. If a cold or flu strikes, learn how
to manage your symptoms. Find great tips to nourish a cold, the best supplements
to take and how herbal remedies can help.

Get better fast!

Pre-Holiday Gifts

Find the joy in giving! Order from our huge selection of Gifts and Gift Baskets.
For the health conscious and herbal lover visit our Herbs and Herbal Tea Store.
Find all the mind, body, spirit gifts you need from our Metaphysical Store. Give
the gift of crystals and beautiful gemstones from our Crystal Store. Give the
gift of scent with our rich essential oils, remedy blends and aromatherapy gifts
from our Aromatherapy Store. Andrew offers some of the most profound workbooks
and certificate home study courses in the Workshop Corner. Find everything you
need for the avid massage professional or massage enthusiast in the Massage

Shop early, save big!

Understanding Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the second most widely used system of medicine in the world.
Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body's defense mechanisms and processes so as
to prevent or treat illness. It stimulates a person's immune system and body's
natural defenses. Homeopathy not only offers relief from temporary disorders
but, can provide long term healing. Discover how homeopathy works and how it can
help you! Find which remedy is right for you with our remedy reference guide!
Choose amazing products from the top industry leaders such as Boiron, Guna
Bio-Therapeutics, Care Remedies and Heel Homeopathics. Try Andrew's great
Homeopathic Kit First Aid Kit!

Like cures like...

A Holistic Lifestyle

Living a holistic lifestyle is any lifestyle which makes you feel like a whole
person. This includes any way of living or being that allows someone to feel as
if they are being nurtured and are given the freedom to grow. Create your
holistic lifestyle by engaging your emotional mind. Find ways to get in touch
with your physical body and learn how to connect to your sacred spirit.

Get whole!

Gifts and Baskets

Shop early for the holidays and save! Discover my nearly 900 products for all
your gift giving needs!

Find Goodies here

Herbal Stress Relief

This all natural remedy for soothing stress is used to balance the body's energy
and helps optimize its ability to deal during stress.

Get help

Sinus Care Kit

This great self care kit is an amazing treatment all in one little box!
Indications: Cough, Cold, Flu, Stinging Pains, Nasal Congestion, Burning Pains.

Remedy Kits
http://www.peacefulmind.com/homeopathy.htm#Sinus Care Kit

Thanksgiving Tea Blend

This special edition herbal tea has been created just for the holiday! It is a
rich, fragrant blend of herbs and spices that are associated with Autumn and a
delicious drink for the holidays.

Drink tea!

Healthy Thanksgiving http://www.peacefulmind.com/articlest.htm#Healthy

Peaceful Meditation

Candle Therapy

Membership Benefits

Feng Shui Cures

Color/Light Therapy

Gemstone Properties

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