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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Remedies for Acidity


Remedies for Acidity;

During the process of digestion, hydrochloric acid is secreted by the
gastric glands of stomach, which is an integral part of digesting the
food. Excessive secretion of HCL by the stomach, results in acid reflux
or acidity. Indigestion, flatulence, heartburn, and nausea are the symptoms of acidity. Ulcers might be formed due to excess secretion of HCL.

Consumption of excessive meat products or Non-Vegetarian diet, foods
that contain more spices, frequent use of medicines for inflammation, is some of the known causes for acidity. Acidity problems generally occur after taking heavy meals or during night at the time of going to bed, applying pressure in the abdominal area while lifting heavy weight.

Let us discuss some of the home remedies for acidity; munching of powder of cardamom and clove after taking meal, provide relief from acidity, it refreshes mouth and relieves bad breath. To prevent acidity take one glass of boiled water to be mixed with honey and one spoon of aniseeds after every meal. Chewing the small quantity of jaggery after meals provides relief from acidity to some extent. Adding one spoon of caraway seeds to one glass of boiled water and this should be taken three times per day for six days to get relief from acid reflux.

Adding ten grams of Flea seed husk to one glass of water and it should be taken after meals to prevent acidity and get relief from the same. Dry fruits like dates, mangoes, bananas musk melon mixed with milk also provide good relief from acidity. Eating the vegetables belongs to the group of gourds, after removing the external rind of the same, provides relief. Mixture of small quantity of ginger with asafetida and rock salt, to be
taken with water, relieves acidity.

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