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Sunday, September 30, 2012

[AlternativeAnswers] Dr Bate's newsletter 9/30 - Censorship



*Orthomolecular Medicine News Service, September 18, 2012*
Public Library Censors Nutritional Research
U.S. National Library of Medicine is Biased and Taxpayers Pay for It

*Commentary by Andrew W. Saul, Editor*

(OMNS Sept 18, 2012) Most medical journals are easy to access on the
internet through a huge electronic database known as Medline or
PubMed. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/
This service is brought to you by the National Library of Medicine and the
National Institutes of Health. In other words, by your tax dollars.
Generally it is money well spent, until you go searching for high-dose
vitamin therapy research papers. Then you will find that you can't find a
lot of them. The reason is selective indexing.

"Selective indexing" is a nice name for censorship. After over 40
consecutive years of publication, the *Journal of Orthomolecular
Medicine*is still not indexed by Medline. The Journal has just been
censored, again,
after its most recent application. This marks the sixth time since 1989
that JOM has been rejected for Medline indexing. The decision is made by a
review committee privately preselected by NLM. There are no hearings. No
public input is allowed.

What are the consequences of such exclusion from Medline? In a nutshell, it
stops the public from using their computers to quickly access many of the
scientific research and clinical reports demonstrating the effectiveness of
nutritional therapeutics (orthomolecular medicine). It also greatly hampers
professionals from seeing pro-vitamin studies. Have you ever wondered why
your doctor simply does not know about vitamin therapy? Well, wonder no
longer. He or she can't find what isn't indexed. Since the vast majority of
journals indexed by Medline are pharmaceutical-friendly, and nutritional
research is censored, what do you expect?

If we want an informed public, we have to have free access so we can all
learn. That's the idea behind public schools. It is the idea behind public
libraries. The National Library of Medicine is a public library. Your taxes
should be helping you gather information, and not paying a closed-doors
bureaucracy to limit access.

"The National Library of Medicine refuses to index the *Journal of
Orthomolecular Medicine*, though it is peer-reviewed and seems to meet
their criteria." (*Psychology Today*, Nov-Dec 2006)

The *Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine* has a review board of medical
doctors and university- and hospital-based researchers. Since 1967, it has
published over 600 papers by renowned authors including Roger J. Williams,
Emanuel Cheraskin, Hugh D. Riordan, Carl C. Pfeiffer, Abram Hoffer, and
Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. You should be able to access abstracts
(concise summaries) of these papers, instantly, via Medline.

Well, you can't.

As public libraries should be free to rich and poor alike, so public access
to scientific knowledge should not be screened or censored. Our
taxpayer-paid government owes the public full disclosure of *all* new
nutritional research that can help people. Your taxes should not be used to
fund censorship in a public library, especially the largest medical library
on the planet. It is un-American. And unhealthy.

(Andrew W. Saul taught nutrition, health science and cell biology at the
college level. He is the author of *Doctor Yourself* and *Fire Your
Doctor!*and coauthor of four books with Dr. Abram Hoffer. Saul is on
the Editorial
Board of the *Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine*.)

Action available:

If you'd like to write to Medline and tell them what you think, their
general email contact is custserv@nlm.nih.gov or http://apps2.nlm.nih.gov/

You can also call NLM Customer Service at 1-888-FIND-NLM (1-888-346-3656).
Remember to be polite, because, after all, they *are* the "World's Largest
Medical Library." http://www.nlm.nih.gov/

NLM's customer service representatives are typically hired contractors
whose knowledge about this issue may be near zero. Scripted or form-letter
replies are to be expected.

If you feel that your tax dollars deserve more than a canned reply, you may
prefer to directly contact the people in charge:

- Ms. Joyce Backus is Deputy Associate Director and in charge of
MEDLINE. Email: joyce.backus@nlm.nih.gov
- Ms. Betsy Humphreys is Deputy Director of the National Library of
Medicine. Email: betsy.humphreys@nih.gov

OMNS would be interested in receiving a copy of NLM's correspondence with
you. If your comments are selected for OMNS publication, your name will not
be used. omns@orthomolecular.org

For further reading:

Four decades of papers from the *Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine* are
now online for you to read, Medline or no Medline, at
JOM Archive is an entirely free service, with no advertising.

How to Fool All of the People All of the Time (A satirical look at
information censorship) http://orthomolecular.org/

Want to be a MEDLINE Information Censor? (A humorous self-test)

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*From Dr Bate:*
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That's it for this week - hope yours was a good one.

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